Alice Glass Releases New Video for Song ‘Suffer and Swallow’ and Lyrics

Alice Glass shared a new song and clip called “Suffer and Swallow“. Stop-motion animations were used in the clip.

Alice Glass, proper name Margaret Osborn, born in 1988, is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Although many of us know her from her solo career, she is a co-founder and former leader of the electronic band CRYSTAL CASTLES. Releasing her first solo album in 2017, Alice released a new video clip today (January 6, 2021).

Alice Glass shared a new song and a video clip. The creator of the clip and the person responsible for the stop-motion animation is Lucas David. You can watch the video below.

Alice Glass – ‘Suffer and Swallow’ Lyrics

your tongue out of your mouth

and wear your fingers

everyone said I won’t

everyone, everyone

I’ll use your teeth for my crown

but I don’t need it (need it)

feel your face when it rips

I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it

suffer and swallow (suffer and swallow)

you know there’s no tomorrow (you know there’s no tomorrow)

I did this for you suffer and swallow (suffer and swallow)

I know what you are I know what you are

keep you awake until the kill

you’re never coming back feel your soul going limp

every second,

every second of it
not with a scream or a sigh

cut slits above your eyes

make yourself so weak,

too bad that you can’t speak

I’m concentrating just get down on your knees

I want to take my time to break you down

I feel like breathing

I feel like breathing fumes

I want to take my time (is there any other way)

I know what you are

Alice Glass – NIGHTMARES

Last year, Alice Glass released the song “NIGHTMARES” produced by Jupiter Keyes, which was included in Sermon 3 Recordings’ anniversary compilation. She shared the song “I Trusted You” as part of the Adult Swim compilation Fever Dreams in 2018. Shee released his first self-titled EP in 2017.

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