David Ellefson Answers What is the Hardest MEGADETH Song to Play

David Ellefson, the bassist, and co-founder of the MEGADETH answer, what is the hardest MEGADETH song to play.

David Ellefson is the full name David Warren Ellefson and he was born in Minnesota in 1964. David is the bassist and co-founder of the American heavy metal band MEGADETH.

David Ellefson spoke to Headbangers Con recently. David talked about his concert memories and some of the hardest MEGADETH songs to play.

During the conversation, David answered what is the hardest MEGADETH song to play. David said straight ahead, “Hangar 18,” without even thinking about the answer. David thinks Hangar 18 is pretty tough because of its riff. He said that because of the difficulty of this song, they opened their concerts with “Holy Wars” for a long time. In addition, the artist also told about his memory of a concert in 2010.

They had a strange memory during a European tour with SLAYER in 2010. Dave fell ill with kidney stones but did not want the concert to be canceled.

“He was starting to have some stones, and it hit him an hour before we’re going to go on stage. We thought we were going to have to cancel the show, and out of nowhere – Dave’s a pretty tough dude now – and suddenly he just gets up and he goes, ‘OK, we gotta go do it, we gotta at least play five songs.”

He added: “‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yeah, we gotta.’ ‘Alright!’ So I took the setlist, which I think at that time, one of the later songs in the set, we’d come out of ‘A Tout Le Monde’ into ‘Trust,’ so we played ‘Trust,’ ‘Symphony,’ ‘Peace Sells,’ ‘Holy Wars…’ it was some kind of thing.”

After this story, they opened their concerts with “Trust” for a while. However, things changed in 2013. That year, during a tour, Black Label Society, Hellyeah, and Vinnie Paul arrived on the tour bus of MEGADETH and they said: “‘Man, y’all stage show’s amazing, y’all’s light show is incredible, man, you all got to be opening with ‘Hangar 18.”

David also said: “Me and Dave kind of looked at each other, and he goes, ‘Yeah man, I’m telling you, man, that’s the one – ‘Hangar 18,’ right there!’ So that night we went on stage and opened with Hangar 18.”

David thinks the concert was great, and it was a really exciting opening. “Hangar 18” has a very special place for him.

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