The 10 Best Pepe Aguilar Songs of All-Time

Pepe Aguilar

If you’re into ranchera songs, you’ve probably heard one or more from Pepe Aguilar. Even if you’re not, we recommend you to try listening to at least one and hopefully change your mind because he’s a legendary musician. One thing that may shock you is that he’s sold 12 million albums, according to Archive KPCC. He credits his success in music to his father Antonio Aguilar, who was also an artist. That said, here are the ten best Pepe Aguilar Songs of all time.

10. Me Estoy Acostumbrando a ti

“Me Estoy Acostumbrando a ti” loosely translates to “I am getting used to you.” It is a song Pepe Aguilar released from the album Por el Amor Siempre. As you listen to it, you won’t help but imagine how deep Pepe’s lyrics are. It tells a love story that relates to relationships at present. This song is your tune when you feel that your lover doesn’t reciprocate their feelings for you as they should.

9. Miedo

According to, “Miedo” is one of Pepe’s greatest hits of all time and it is from the album “No Soy de Nadie.” “Miedo” means “Afraid.” From what we’ve gathered, it’s apparent that Pepe is afraid of future uncertainties. It doesn’t mean he’s not a fighter, but he seems not to know how to deal with his emotions when he’s afraid. You can listen to this song anytime you feel anxious.

8. Directo al corazón

“Straight to the Heart,” also dubbed “Directo al corazón,” is a one-hit-wonder from Pepe Aguilar. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that Pepe featured this song in the album “Any” due to the enormous recognition it invited. The most interesting part about this song is that it speaks volumes about the sensitivity of matters of the heart. If your heart is out of place and you need to get reassured, paper yourself with this tune.

7. Al Filo del Tiempo

What would the world be like were it not for the likes of Pepe Aguilar? “Al Filo del Tiempo,” which also means “The Edge of Time,” is also a one-hit-wonder depicting how talented Pepe is at showcasing multicultural talent. We’d also like to believe that Pepe’s great voice is the icing on the cake. Listen to this song when you feel demoralized about pursuing your everyday obligations.

6. El Zacatecano

“El Zacatecano,” loosely translated as “The Zacatecano,” is also one of Pepe’s ways of paying tribute to his home state. It’s not every day that you find a musician going back to his roots to reveal how beautiful their home area is. Unlike you would expect, he didn’t record this song with tamborazo. Despite this, we still find this song worth listening to because we try to imagine his home area.

5. Esta Tristeza Mía

Almost all musicians like to re-do music from each other. It is not surprising that “Esta Tristeza Mía,” which means “This Sadness of Mine,” is a rendition of the famous Javier Solís and his dad, Antonio Aguilar. One thing you might notice about this version is how Pepe throws praises to his dad. If you don’t find this pleasant, no other song will make you think otherwise. It is a track that dispenses encouragement from a father figure.

4. Recuérdame Bonito

“Remember me nicely” or “Recuérdame Bonito” is a wonderful track by Pepe Aguilar. It features great backup singers like ranchera’s Mount Rushmore, Javier Solis, Pedro Infante, and Jose Alfredo Jiménez. If there ever were a song that made fans go crazy, then “Recuérdame Bonito” would be it. You can tell that the collaboration with four other instrumentalists accentuates Pepe’s high notes that make him more unique. You feel reassured that life will get better with this song.

3. Son Las Dos de La Mañana

“Son Las Dos de La Mañana” means “It’s two in the morning”. In this song, Pepe doesn’t want to outshine his father. Instead, he aims to portray him as a talented singer though Pepe’s songs have outshone him. The story behind this song revolves around Pepe being up since two in the morning, waiting for his lover to reward him with a little attention. One of the biggest selling points of this song is how Pepe tweaks in and out of the tuba and trombones effortlessly, according to OC Weekly.

2. Por Mujeres Como Tu

Though Pepe is known for being a crooner, it is hard to imagine how gifted he is in playing the guitar. His song “Por Mujeres Como Tu” portrays his guitar-playing skills quite well, and we couldn’t help to imagine what else he is good at. As expected, Pepe is good at confessing his emotions to a girl he’s fallen in love with. Think of it as your way of expressing your love for a woman, only that you use a song instead of plain words. When you’re head over heels with someone special, you can wallow in this tune.

1. Un Puño de Tierra with the Spirit of Troy

This list can never be complete unless “Un Puño de Tierra,” which loosely translates to “In Excess, I Always Come Out Hurt,” comes number one. The title song brings you down to earth to appreciate life every day. So, whether you’ve lost your job or feel ill and you have no idea if your life will be the same again, then this is the song worth listening to. Suitable for when you are stuck in traffic, and you need something to occupy your mind.


This compilation of the ten best songs from Pepe Aguilar is a testimony that talent can run in the family. His dad was a musician, and it’s only logical that he’s followed in his shoes. But what makes him stand out from the crowd is that he doesn’t try to outshine his father, despite outperforming. So, if you haven’t heard any of these songs yet, the best time to revisit your playlist is now.

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