10 Awesome Songs About Losing a Friend

Lily Allen

Regardless of the circumstances, the pain of losing a friend leaves a void that no one can heal. It becomes even hard to move on, especially if it’s a friend who played a significant role in your life. That person you’d count on when low or lean on to when in problems. It’s like together you were a support group. Though hard to let go of such ties of friendship, moving on can help you pull through. But you’ll require a trigger, influential enough to sail through the blues, and that’s music. It has the power to foster emotional balance and coping mechanisms leading to relaxation and peace of mind, which is what you need. Here are 10 songs about losing a friend that can help you cope with the loss.

10. Friend of Mine by Lily Allen


The phrase ‘words hurt’ can better be confirmed by those who’ve had a backbiter for a friend. Some habits are hard to change, and if you expect an already tainted teen friendship to be better later in life, you might be out for a huge shock. This song is about a schoolmate having meaningless conversations aimed at their friend. The friend loses their patient and decides to cut ties with them. It was composed by Lily Allen with the help of Ernest Isley, Marvin Isley, O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Darren Lewis, Chris Jasper, Iyiola Babalola, and Rudolph Isley, and released in 2006. This is an excellent song to play when you choose silence over a fight following a friendship breakup due to the backbiting habits of an old friend. It echoes the phrase’ you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’

9. No It’ Isn’t by Plus 44


Critics have a way of making allegations that align perfectly with an artist’s record. But +44 got them twisted with this excellent ballad that was released in 2005 December. The lyrics relate to what transpired between Mark Hoppus and Blink-2, Travis Barker’s former musical outfit, largely involving Tom DeLonge. The efforts to confirm this assumption from the song’s composer led to the title “No, It Isn’t’ just like Hoppus responded to those who questioned if the song was about the +44 bandmate. Well, it’s a song that will help you get over a relationship breakup following betrayal. It does not only help express the sad feelings of losing a friend but actively conveys your decision to break off the relationship diplomatically.

8. Dandy Warhols – We Used to Be Friends


Have you ever had a mix-up that cost you your relationship and felt like it’s time to reach out to that friend and patch things up after many years? This song might be your therapy. Courtney, Dandy Warhols lead singer, had a similar experience, which inspired him to write ‘We Used to Be Friends.’ Courtney and his friend Mark had a misunderstanding resulting in a silent treatment between them for years. Through this song, ‘ Courtney appears to be asking for a patch-up. If you have that old friend that you’d wish to have back, the lyrics in this song are enough to convey your intentions.

7. I’m Lost Without You by Blink-182


Some friendships stay for a lifetime, while others fall out with time. However, there are those friends with who you’ll have a special attachment but drift apart at some point. Nothing hits bad like losing a person who was more than a friend. Trying to move on seems impossible. You’ll feel lonely and scared, not sure if you’ll make it without them. But given a chance, you’d mend your relationship and get your closest friend back. This song is about the loneliness and fear of losing your best friend.

6. Gone Too Soon by Michael Jackson


Losing a friend to death is hugely painful, but people don’t recognize the grieving friend. We direct our attention to the family of the deceased, which is very important. However, we forget that their close friends need consolation as well. This song, by Michael Jackson, is dedicated to Ryan White, whom he’d befriended a few years before his death. It’s one of the songs that can help you cope with the grief and sorrow of a friend’s death.

5. Afraid by The Neighborhood


The “Afraid” can be interpreted in various ways. However, in this song, Jesse confesses his anxieties about the future, questioning the integrity of his friendship, values, beliefs, and career successes. Honesty and loyalty are a foundation of good friendship, and without which, fear and insecurities will kick in, threatening the relationship. The lyrics ‘all my friends lie to me, I know they’re thinking, you are too mean, I don’t like you’ signifies a lack of trust and truthfulness. Reflecting on these lyrics after cutting ties with a dishonest friend can help you get over the loss with much ease.

4. A Day to Remember – All Signs Point to Lauderdale



Regardless of how hard you try to move on from a friendship breakup, some ties are too strong to forget. They may require you to take drastic actions. Sadly, even moving, starting a new life, and getting new friends elsewhere may be effortless. Somehow, life will always point you back to that friend, who sees to be the only person who cares and understands you. This song will get you thinking of repairing a lost friendship worth fighting for.

3. All Good Things (Come to an End) by Nelly Furtado


Given an option, we all would hold on to friendship forever. Unfortunately, the people who fall out of our lives are those we wish to stick with most for eternity. The lyric ‘why do all good things come to an end’ talks about the end of a great friendship and relationship. It signifies a repetitive situation that has taught the protagonist to accept the outcome and move on from the loss.

2. The Crossroads by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Bone Thugs –N- Harmony released ‘The Crossroads’ as a tribute to their friend Eric “Eazy E” Wright, whom they lost to Aids in 1995. While their friend is no longer with them, this song helps hold to the memories they shared. It’s songs like this that remind us that’s we got to say goodbye when the time comes. Like Jim Reeves’s song ‘This World is Not Our Home,’ The Crossroads reminds us that we all are in transit.

1. Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani


Some people are proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing in the world of friendships. While no one wishes to befriend a frenemy, sometimes and especially in the early stages of a relationship, you can’t predict the possibility of someone hurting your feeling. However, this catchy song is what you need to hark when coping with a friendship breakup and have that ex-friend listen to it. It’ll help voice out your feelings and declare your stand.


A piece of music can be interpreted differently, depending on the person listening to it, their current situation, and their beliefs. What matters is the meaning you ascribe to a particular song and how it resonates with you. These 10 awesome songs about losing a friend are powerful songs that will help you bounce back better than ever.

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