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Blink 182

From Poway, California, Blink 182 officially came together as a punk rock band through the founders of Mark Hoppus (bass and vocals), Tom DeLonge, (guitarist), and Scott Raynor (drummer). The three-man band underwent a series of names before finally settling on Blink 182 and has since moved forward to become a commercial success through numerous recordings and releases of their music. From their humble beginnings from 1992 until 2005, mostly remained as a solid, chart-hitting, fan-favorite group before tensions growing between the band members took their toll. In 1998, Scott Raynor was removed from the band due to a personal drinking habit that compromised the band’s ability to play at top form. He was replaced by a new drummer (Travis Barker), who would remain part of the lineup until 2005 when a flustered Tom DeLonge voiced he wanted to spend more time with his family, something which the band’s busy recording and touring schedule prevented him from doing.

After four years apart, Blink 182 gets back together as a trio. Hoppus, DeLonge, and Barker reunite after Barker recovers from his plane crash, which occurred in 2008. Throughout the band’s reunion tour, they did not travel by airplane due to Barker’s newfound fear of flying, a direct result of his terrifying experience that resulted in only himself and his friend, DJ Adam Goldstein surviving the six-person tragic flight. It’s only been recently Barker has since learned to overcome his demons and fly again. As much as the fans rejoiced Blink 182 had reunited, the time apart, plus life’s way of changing people, did not see the same mindset shared among the band members. This resulted in certain tensions continuing that would eventually see DeLonge’s departure from the lineup. Matt Skiba would replace DeLonge as Blink 182’s latest lead vocalist. Despite the lineup changes and series of ups and downs the band has experienced, their professional track record in the punk rock industry speaks for itself with an impressive collection of eight studio albums, a live album, two compilation albums, two extended plays (EPs), and thirty singles.

8. Cheshire Cat


On February 17, 1995, Blink 182 releases their debut cassette tape (Cheshire Cat) through the punk rock record label known as Cargo Music. A somewhat displeased DeLonge has admitted in a number of interviews over the hears the hastily-produced album was due to budgeting issues. Despite personal disappointments, the leading track (Carousel), along with the two officially released singles (M+M) and (Wasting Time), contributed toward the album charting among three nations, each of whom features a music population that has an affinity toward the punk-rock genre. The Official New Zealand Chart ranked Cheshire Cat at #27 while the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) peaked it at #73. The UK’s Official Album Chart sees the album reach #187. Despite the lack of chart success at a more global scale, Cheshire Cat still earned a Silver Certification from the UK’s British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

7. Nine


The most recent album from Blink 182 has been (Nine), which was released September 20, 2019. Produced for the band’s first time through Columbia Records, the album charted as high as number one with three different US Billboard charts, namely the US Billboard Top Alternative Albums, US Billboard Top Rock Albums, and US Billboard Top Tastemaker Albums. With the US Billboard 200, Nine is charted at #3. Globally, Nine managed to peak within the top forty of their album ranking charts, except in Belgium at #48, France at #55, Sweden at #58, and Japan at #85. While the album hasn’t received any official certifications as of yet, the potential is still there to achieve it.

6. Neighborhoods


Via DGC Records, Blink 182 releases their sixth studio album (Neighborhoods) on September 27, 2011. Already at this point, the band established themselves as one of the most elite punk-rock bands ever to perform within the genre. The release of Neighborhoods is no exception as debuted in second place with the US Billboard 200 albums chart. There were mixed reviews from the critics, but not enough to hold the fans back from playing their role to help the album achieve Gold Certification from ARIA, as well as Silver Certification from BPI. Among the various album charts around the world, only one nation didn’t peak it within the top 40 lists, which was Dutch Album Top 100 as they ranked Neighborhoods at #58.

5. California


On July 1, 2016, BMG Records, (California) is released would be the band’s seventh studio album. However, it would be the first with a new frontman, Matt Skiba. Despite the biggest change in the band’s lineup as it replaced one of its founders, Tom DeLonge, this hasn’t diminished Blink 182’s ability to keep performing at a world-class level. At a global level, the album charted at the number on every single US Billboard-related albums charts that cater to the punk-rock genre, as well as crossovers that manage to wow the critics and fans enough to gain such recognition. It also charted at number one with the UK Official Albums Chart and Billboard Canadian Albums. The lowest rank they received came from Japan, which placed the album at #38. Since California’s release, the album has achieved Gold Certification from RIAA, BPI, and ARIA.

4. Dude Ranch


The second studio album (Dude Ranch) was released on June 17, 1997, with the MCA label. Unlike Blink 182’s debut album, Cheshire Cat, it manages to find a spot with the US Billboard 200 albums chart, wedging itself into the 67th spot. A noted achievement worth mentioning is Kerrang! classifying Dude Ranch in15th place with their 2015 publication of what they felt was the 51 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums Ever. The number of copies sold since Dude Ranch’s release has so far earned BPI’s Gold Certification, as well as Platinum Certification from ARIA and RIAA. With Music Canada (MC), it has earned double Platinum Certification.

3. Blink-182


(Blink-182) was the final album the group would record and release together before taking the much-needed break in 2005. Released under the label of Geffen Records on November 18, 2003, Blink-182 achieves mixed, but mostly positive reviews from their critics. In Canada, the album became the number one favorite while with the US Billboard 200 albums chart it ranked third. Globally, the only nation that didn’t rank Blink-182 within the top 40 was the Netherlands as the Dutch Album Top 100 peaked it at #71. In the end, however, sales numbers serve as the only judgment that matters. The amount of copies sold has seen Blink-182 achieve New Zealand’s Recorded Music (RMNZ) Gold Certification, as well as Platinum Certification from BPI and RIAA, and with ARIA and Canada, double Platinum Certification.

2. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket


The third album released through MCA Records (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket) began on June 21, 2001. With the US Billboard 200 albums chart, it debuted at number one. It also earned the top spot with Canada and Germany. Around the globe, the album’s overall chart-ranking performance was among the band’s best. The lowest rank was at #40 with the Hitlisten Danish Albums chart. As far as certifications go, the album earned Gold with Switzerland’s International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPA), as well as Platinum with ARIA and API, and double Platinum with MC and RIAA.

1. Enema of the State


On June 1, 1999, through MCA Records, Blink 182 records and releases their most successful album of all time. (Enema of the State) has a long list of accolades from a number of publications such as Billboard, Kerrang!, and Rolling Stone. Active rock bands of today, especially among the punk genre, credit Blink 182 as one of the leading influencers that spawned them to form their own groups and follow in their footsteps. The vast majority of punk rock music fans consider Blink 182’s Enema of the State as their anthem album of choice. Many punk rock bands who try to make names for themselves are often accused of trying to copy too much of Blink 182’s formulas as their performances often sound like spinoff versions of the top singles that come from the album. While Enema of the State may not have achieved the level of charting success as their 2001 album did, it still made its mark clean around the world by ranking as high as second with New Zealand and as low as 60th place in France. In sales, Enema of the State outperforms with over 20 million copies sold worldwide. The other seven albums, in total, currently sit at 30.5 million sold copies. Enema of the State has earned a multitude of certifications, including 5x Platinum with RIAA, 4x Platinum with MC, 2x Platinum with ARIA, and RMNZ, Platinum with BPI, and Gold with IFPI.

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