Ranking The 10 Best Alice Cooper Albums

Alice Cooper

Originally born as Vincent Damon Furner on February 4, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan is the iconic American singer and songwriter now known as Alice Cooper. His raspy voice, combined with over-the-top theatrics through his live performances and music videos has become one of the world’s most legendary rock musicians of all time. In total, he has released 28 studio albums, 11 live albums, 21 compilation albums, 12 video albums, and 48 singles. His most recent album (Detroit Stories) was released on February 26, 2021, and charted well throughout the globe. Even at 73 years young, Alice Cooper shows he can still rock it out just as well as aspiring musicians at least half his age.

10. Paranormal (as a soloist)


On July 28, 2017, Alice Cooper releases the album (Paranormal) and achieves worldwide charting success, as well as the admiration of fans who’ve followed his career since the start, as well as the younger generation who might not have heard about him before. With the charts, Paranormal peaked as high as #3 with the Swiss Album Chart, #4 with Australia’s Album Chart and Germany’s Gfk Entertainment Chart, and #6 with the UK’s Official Albums Chart and the Swedish Album Charts. It also cracked into the top ten with many other official music albums charts throughout many European nations. With the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, Paranormal peaks at #32 while in Canada, at #17.

9. Muscle of Love (as a band)


The final album (Muscle of Love) from Alice Cooper as a band was released on November 20, 1973. It has since earned Gold Certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. This album also peaked at #4 with Billboard Canada’s Album Chart and Sweden’s Album Chart, #10 with the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, #34 with the UK’s Official Album Chart, and #36 with Australia’s Album Charts.

8. Love It to Death (as a band)


Released in March 1971, the third studio album (Love It to Death) from Alice Cooper as a band, finds itself peaking at #28 with the UK Official Albums Chart, #35 with the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, and #39 with Billboard Canada’s Album Chart. It also earned US Platinum with the RIAA.

7. Killer (as a band)


November 1971 sees the release of Alice Cooper’s fourth studio album (Killer) as a group. With Canada’s Album Chart, it peaks to #11. With the US Billboard 200 Albums Chart at #21, and with the Official Albums Chart of the UK, at #27. Also in the US, Killer achieved RIAA’s Platinum Certification.

6. School’s Out (as a band)



The fifth studio album (School’s Out) was released as a group in June of 1972. Since its release, it has earned Platinum Certification from the RIAA of USA. On the charts, the album peaked at #1 in Canada, #2 with the US Billboard 200, #3 in Germany, #4 in the UK, #5 in Australia, and #8 with Austria, Norway, and Sweden.

5. Billion Dollar Babies (as a band)


On February 25, 1973, the band known as Alice Cooper releases their sixth studio album, (Billion Dollar Babies). As a group, it was their most commercially successful album from their discography as it earned Platinum Certification with the US’ RIAA and Gold Certification from Canada’s CRIA. On the albums charts, it peaked at #1 with the US Billboard 200, the Dutch, and with the UK. In Canada and Sweden, Billion Dollar Babies peaked at #2. Both Australia and Austria saw the album chart at #4, while in Norway at #6 and in Germany at #9.

4. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell



The second solo album (Alice Cooper Goes to Hell) was released on June 25, 1976. Since its release, it earned Canada’s Platinum Certification and Gold Certification from the US. On the album charts, it peaked at #4 in Australia, #23 in Canada and the UK, #27 with the US Billboard Top 200, and #47 in Sweden. This album served as a sequel to Alice Cooper’s debut album as a soloist (Welcome to My Nightmare), which was released in 1975. The tour that was scheduled to promote this album was completely canceled due to Alice Cooper suffering from an anemic condition at the time. However, a number of the songs written for this album were featured on Cooper’s live show.

3. Hey Stoopid (as a soloist)


Since its July 2, 1991 release, the UK, Alice Cooper’s album (Hey Stoopid) peaks to #4 with their record rankings chart, #5 in Austria, #6 in Norway, #7 in France and Germany, #9 in Sweden, #15 in Australia, #22 in New Zealand, #23 in Canada, #47 with the US Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, and #54 with the Dutch. Hey Stoopid also received Platinum Certification with Canada’s CRIA, Gold Certification with RIAA of USA, as well as Silver Certification from BPI of the UK.

2. Welcome to My Nightmare (as a soloist)


The first album (Welcome to My Nightmare) from Alice Cooper as a solo artist was released on March 11, 1975. It is also the only album that was released under the Atlantic Records label. It was designed as a concept album, playing in sequence through the persona character known as Steven. The majority of Lou Reed’s band worked with Alice Cooper to record and release his first solo album. Welcome to My Nightmare inspired the Alice Cooper: The Nightmare TV special, which was a worldwide concert tour in 1975. In 1976, it was his Welcome to My Nightmare film. The ensuing tour was considered one of the most over-the-top of its era. With Billboard Canada, Alice Cooper’s original Welcome to My Nightmare album peaked at #2. Australia’s ARIA chart and US Billboard 200 Albums Chart both ranked the album at #5. In the UK, Welcome to My Nightmare peaks at #23 and in New Zealand at #24. In addition to charting as well as it did as an album, Welcome to My Nightmare also earned 2x Platinum Certification with Canada’s CRIA, single Platinum Certification with USA’s RIAA, and Silver Certification with the UK’s BPI.

1. Trash (as a soloist)


Released on July 25, 1989, through Epic Records, is Alice Cooper’s album (Trash). Of all the records ever produced, this is the most commercially successful from Cooper’s entire discographic portfolio. The many guest performances within the album include Bon Jovi, Stiv Bators, Steven Tyler, and former band member Kane Roberts. From the critics, Trash received mostly favorable reviews. Among the fans, they certainly loved it enough to make it reach Platinum Certification with the US, Australia, Canada, and Finland. It also received Gold Certification in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. As far as chart positions go, Trash reached #2 in the UK, #4 in Austria and Norway, #5 in Australia, #6 in New Zealand and Sweden, #10 in Switzerland, #16 in Germany, #19 in Canada, #20 with the US Billboard 200 Albums Chart, and #53 with the Dutch. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Alice Cooper’s Trash was ranked at #36 on their list of the 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time. Also from Trash are three chart-topping singles, namely Poison, Bed of Nails, and House of Fire.

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