10 Songs That Mention Jeffrey Dahmer

Katy Perry

Jeffrey Dahmer will go down in history as a cannibalistic serial killer who confessed to killing 17 men of various backgrounds. His fascination with death has tried to be explained, with some psychologists reasoning that his childhood was to blame. Dahmer was born to a mother with mental illness which could have been hereditary. He then had hernia surgery at four years old and was sexually molested by a neighbor when Dahmer was eight.

His parents later divorced and while they fought over custody of Dahmer’s younger brother, no one cared where Dahmer would end up. With so many unresolved issues, the young man grew up to be the worst nightmare in American history. Musicians have often referenced him in their songs and here are ten songs that mention Jeffrey Dahmer in the title or lyrics.

10. Do the Dahmer by Macabre

While the lyrics may sound comical referring to a supposed dance, there is some truth behind the words. According to Distractify, Dahmer was an outcast among his peers and was deemed to be the class clown. He would often fake epileptic seizures and mocked conditions like cerebral palsy. Allegedly, he was inspired by a designer with that particular disorder that Dahmer’s mother had hired. “Doing the Dahmer” has become so popular, going as far as being added to the Urban Dictionary to refer to pulling a prank on someone.

9. Jeffrey Dahmer by Soulfly

Max Cavalera of Soulfly told Straight that the older he gets, the more psychopathic he gets. It is, therefore, no surprise that he wrote lyrics about Jeffrey Dahmer. He said the inspiration came from his brother getting a receipt from somebody who bought the freezer in which the infamous cannibal kept his victims’ body parts. Since he had always been drawn to writing about serial killers, Cavalera chose Dahmer.

8. Love song for Jeffrey Dahmer by Dudley Saunders

Although the song does not mention the cannibal in the lyrics, it mentions him in the title which seems to hold the serial killer in great reverence. Saunders once said that if you have never wanted to kill somebody, then you have never been in love. It is not that he is advocating for murder or domestic violence. Instead, the singer-songwriter prefers using expressive lyrics such as in the song where he sings from the point of view of the serial killer. Saunders is so proud of his work that in 2012, he participated in an evening of murder ballads and presented this piece.

7. Jeffrey Dahmer by 916frosty

916frosty began releasing music in 2018 and has been on an upward trajectory since then. Among his successful songs is “Jeffrey Dahmer” whose title can be arguably only to attract fans intrigued by serial killers. After all, there is barely anything related to the cannibal except for the lyric about ripping your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer. It appears to be a song about people who do not appreciate the art behind music and 916frosty is bothered that everyone thinks they can rap.

6. Electric City by Black Eyed Peas

“Electric City” hardly compares to the other band’s songs in terms of popularity. It is barely known but the group tried to give it an edge by including Jeffrey Dahmer in the lyrics. While Dahmer is a cannibalistic serial killer, Black Eyed Peas references him to talk about how their music is so good that they will “kill” fans with it. They compare themselves to Dahmer saying they are killers on the loose.

5. Transformer by Future Featuring Nicki Minaj

The song is about progress, wealth, and how much influence one can have. Future says that he lit the room up by just holding his arm up. He also proudly wears Amiri, a luxury brand, and can afford to have tasks done by talking to Siri. The verse that Minaj raps has been alleged to be a diss directed at Cardi B. Minaj brags about how she is the greatest of them all, making a million dollars per show. She then mentions Jeffrey Dahmer referencing how people can turn against you.

4. Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliott

Jeffrey Dahmer was diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder. Although he was found to be legally sane, such disorders made it impossible for him to empathize with his victims. Elliot, therefore, refers to herself as being able to write a song “sicker” than the serial killer. In this regard, the female rapper flaunts her songwriting skills, since “sick” is slang to imply extraordinarily good.

3. Must Be the Ganja by Eminem

Eminem admitted that he has always loved serial killer documentaries and they inspired him to include Jeffrey Dahmer in the lyrics of three songs one of which is “Must Be the Ganja.” The rapper said he was captivated by how serial killers think – their psychology which he opines is crazy. However, while Dahmer may have been one of his many inspirations, Eminem developed the “Relapse” album imagery on his own.

2. Cannibal by Kesha

In 2010, Kesha released “Cannibal,” a hit song that says she will pull a Jeffrey Dahmer on any guy who is too sweet for her. According to Seventeen Kesha was so young back then that she did not understand what it means. Her mum, Pebe Sebert, who doubles as the artist’s songwriter said she used Master Mister, a rhythming program that suggested using Dahmer in the lyrics to rhyme with “goner.”

1. Dark Horse by Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J.

Perry drew inspiration from “The Craft,” a 1996 film about high schoolers who get involved with witchcraft. As a result, the singer decided to envision herself as a witch warning a man romantically interested in her to avoid falling in love with her. She added that her wardrobe was also inspired by the film while her hair inspiration came from photographs of Bjӧrk and Shirley Manson. In the song that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks, the protagonist will eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer.

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