The 10 Best Turnstile Songs of All-Time


Formed in 2010 out of Baltimore, Maryland is an American hardcore punk band known as Turnstile.  As Turnstile, this five-man band released their first EP (Pressure to Succeed) in 2011 and then their second EP (Step 2 Rhythm) in 2013. Both EP’s were done through Reaper Records before the band recorded and released their first full-length album (Nonstop Feeling) on January 13, 2015. To promote their album, Turnstile toured the East Coast and West Coast with the band known as Superheaven. It was called the Nonstop Feeling Tour. Also in 2015, Turnstile toured as a support band to New Found Glory. Upon completion of the tour, Sean Coo stepped down as the band’s rhythmic guitarist and was replaced by Pat McCrory in 2016.

With McCrory now in the line-up, Turnstile released their third EP (Move Thru Me) on September 16, 2016. Then, on February 23, 2018, the band released their second full-length album (Time & Space), which was produced through Roadrunner Records. Three tracks from this particular album were reworked with DJ and producer Matt Grab and later released as an EP (Share A View) in January 2020. Most recently, as of June 27, 2021, Turnstile released its fifth EP (Turnstile Love Connection). On August 27, 2021, Turnstile just released their most recent album (Glow On). The first released single (Alien Love Call) from that album features the vocal talent of the singer known as Blood Orange.

10. Alien Love Call

Featuring the musical genius of Blood Orange, Turnstile releases its first single (Alien Love Call) from their 2021 album (Glow On). The slow, melodic tempo of this song catapults their already strong fan base to a whole new level of appreciation towards them, as well as the music critics. It also earned the band a flurry of new rock music fans that hadn’t previously heard of Turnstile before.

9. T.L.C. (Turnstile Love Connection)

Stemming from their latest album (Glow On), the song (T.L.C.) pumps out the hardcore metal style of music only Turnstile can pull off. 2021 seems to demonstrate the best year for the band ever since they first started playing together. It is agreed among both fans and critics the band signing to a larger label like Roadrunner Records was the best move they made.

8. Keep It Moving

Released on April 2, 2013, this single (Keep It Moving) comes from their EP (Step 2 Rhythm) and it serves as Turnstile’s official notice to the music scene that not only is there a new band in town, but a new style genre of music that’s been classified as hardcore funk.

7. Generator

The hard-hitting 2017 song (Generator) comes from Turnstile’s album (Time & Space). The powerful performance defines what hardcore music is all about, regardless if there’s a funk style added to it or not.

6. Blackout

Yet another released single from their 2021 album (Glow On) seems to illustrate how far Turnstile has come since they first assembled as a hardcore funk band in 2010. While radio stations still struggle to acknowledge hardcore funk as an actual music genre, the popularity of the song (Blackout), along with the album it belongs to, plus the Turnstile, are barrelling through boundaries that have proven to become an inspiration for upcoming bands who wish to follow in their footsteps.

5. Mystery

The song (Mystery) starts with a subtle, yet solid guitar solo before bursting into the hardcore funk style that makes this contribution towards their 2021 album (Glow On). The majority of the fans comment Mystery is the “it” song that drove the album to achieve chart-topping success. With the UK Rock Metal Album Chart, Glow On peaked at #2 while their Official Albums Chart ranked it at #62. In Germany, it debuted at 9th spot and with the US Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, at #30. It also earned a rank in Australia, debuting at #82.

4. Holiday

Again, the 2021 album (Glow On) is the most listened to track (Holiday) by fans, as well as the most played by radio stations who are playing the music produced by Turnstile. Already considered a cult classic, both fans and critics seem to agree this is the best song to so far come out of Turnstile’s discographic portfolio.

3. I Don’t Wanna Be Blind

Turnstile’s 2018 album (Time & Space) features two songs that deserve to be listed together. The first (Bomb) is followed by the second (I Don’t Want to Be Blind) and fans insist the two are played together for full impact. First starting with calm as Bomb plays out, but explodes into the hardcore punk theme Turnstile is best known for with I Don’t Wanna Be Blind.

2. Blue by You

The song (Blue by You) comes from Turnstile’s 2015 album (Nonstop Feeling) and is a fan-favorite among the fans of the band who’ve followed them right from the beginning. Despite not yet being signed with a major record label at this time, this didn’t prevent the musicians from putting forth a stellar performance that won the devotion of their fans, to begin with.

1. Real Thing

The song (Real Thing) was released in 2017 and came from the album (Time & Space). From the entire arsenal of Turnstile’s discographic portfolio, it is the most listened to track, as well as most viewed music video so far. The majority of their fans are in agreement this song sets the band apart as not just pioneers of the hardcore funk genre, but as a musical talent that has already proven they have world-class talent.

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