The 10 Best Kutless Songs of All-Time

Kutless is a Christian rock band from the United States. It’s still active even though it formed around the turn of the millennium. However, time has taken its toll, as shown by how the frontman Jon Micall Sumrall is the one band member who has been with the band since the start. Regardless, Kutless is a notable act that has sold more than three million record sales. As such, interested individuals might be curious about what the band sounds like.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Kutless songs ever released:

10. “Hearts of the Innocent”

“Hearts of the Innocent” is about the fear we are failing the next generation. As a result, it’s easy to connect to, though to be fair, it was meant to be. After all, “Hearts of the Innocent” doesn’t go into much detail about how we’re failing the next generation, thus encouraging listeners to interpret the sentiment based on their personal beliefs and experiences. Still, the song is worth a listen or two.

9. “Promise You”

“Promise You” is a song from To Know That You’re Alive. It’s interesting because it focuses on how one should react to wrongdoing. Since Kutless is a Christian band, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the narrator says he will pray for the one who hurt him, though he also says that he will get out of the relationship with God’s assistance.

8. “Carry Me to the Cross”

“Carry Me to the Cross” is more or less what one would expect, which is to say, a statement that God is with believers every step of the way. As such, it’s very much a song of worship. With that said, one can’t help but point out that the oft-repeated title can be interpreted in a more eyebrow-raising manner. Yes, the cross is a symbol of the Christian faith. However, it became this because of its use as an instrument of torture. As such, being carried to a cross isn’t as encouraging as it sounds from this perspective. Of course, Kutless didn’t intend the song to be interpreted this way. Instead, the band was communicating the idea that people come to the Christian faith through divine assistance, guidance, and support.

7. “Give Us Clean Hands”

It’s normal for people to be tempted by various things. In turn, it’s normal for people to overcome these temptations through various sources of assistance. Here, the narrator is asking God to give him and his contemporaries clean hands and pure hearts.

6. “Revelation”

“Revelation” refers to the final book of the Christian Bible. It’s famous for various things. For example, its authorship is a subject of considerable scholarly interest. Similarly, it’s well-known for its unusual imagery. With that said, if people know anything about the Book of Revelation, it’s that it’s often interpreted as being about the end of days. Interested individuals won’t need long to realize that “Revelation” is a longing dream about that exact scenario.

5. “Sea of Faces”

“Sea of Faces” is the title track of the album of the same name. This song is focused on the idea that the narrator is feeling drowned out by a seeming sea of other people. However, he is prevented from feeling overwhelmed by his belief that God cares about him. Much of the song goes over the idea of God’s willingness to sacrifice for humanity in a general sense and for the narrator in particular.

4. “Your Touch”

Love can take more than one form. For instance, most people will be familiar with love for a significant other, friends, and family. However, people often talk about the love for God and vice versa, which is related but not the same as these other sentiments. That similarity is why songs about one kind of love can sometimes sound similar to songs about another. “Your Touch” is an excellent example of this pattern.

3. “Strong Tower”

Everyone feels weak sometimes. When that happens, it’s normal for people to look for something to shelter beneath and someone to solve their problems. “Strong Tower” is a meditation on such thoughts. Listeners should have no problem guessing that God is the titular metaphor in whom the narrator finds comfort in times of need.

2. “Mirror”

Some bands fade rapidly, while others continue for years and years. It seems safe to say that Kutless is one of the latter because it’s still making music in the present. “Mirror” isn’t quite that recent. Instead, it’s a song from 2015’s Surrender. Still, it’s a sign that Kutless remained strong because it rose to the number eight position on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart. Mirrors make for powerful but versatile imagery. In this case, they’re presented as a way for people to realize the truth. Specifically, the song is about the narrator developing a strong understanding of his relationship with God, which serves to strengthen him.

1. “What Faith Can Do”

“What Faith Can Do” is Kutless’s most famous song by a considerable margin. The band has had other Top Ten hits on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart. However, “What Faith Can Do” stands out because it’s their one chart-topper. As for the subject, it’s a twofold statement. First, it’s about the power of God. Second, it’s about what the power of God can do for people. In a sense, Kutless seems to have directed “What Faith Can Do” at itself because it was very much inspired by the band members’ experiences following their success.

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