The 10 Best Wolf Winters Songs of All Time

Wolf Winters is an Australian musician who came into the limelight through his participation in “The Voice Australia 2020.” He shocked the judges with his deep voice, so much so that Guy Sebastian, who had a full team turned his chair to give the young man a chance at realizing his dream. The musician has covered famous songs but has one original song, “Lockdown.” As we keep an eye out on what he has in store for us, here are ten of Wolf Winters’s best songs.

10. Old Town Road

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for over 17 weeks, thus breaking the record once held by “One Sweet Day.” It had even made its way to the Billboard Hot Country Songs list but was removed a week later. Regardless, it remains a hit that changed the rapper’s life for the better. Winters teamed up with Natalie Gauci and Xy Latu in “The Voice Australia 2020” to sing the song as they battled for the top position.

9. Sound of Silence

The story behind Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” is an emotional one. Garfunkel chanced to have a college roommate Sandy Greenberg, and they vowed to support each other no matter what. The oath could not have come at a better time because a few months later, Greenberg went blind and dropped out of college. Garfunkel convinced him to go back and complete his degree; they both graduated. When Garfunkel needed $400 to record his first album, he turned to his old friend, Greenberg. Greenberg had only $404 in his account but gave it all to the musician whose album flopped, but one song “Sound of Silence” became a massive hit.

8. Winter

Winter is hailed as Tori Amos’s breakthrough song, at least according to Dig!. The singer’s inspiration came from her family as she stared at the pictures of her maternal grandfather and father. She owes her success to the two men in her life. Her father taught her not to squander her God-given musical abilities. On the other hand, her grandfather allowed her to be a little girl while still instilling in her important skills and urging Amos to chase her dreams. Thus going through the lyrics, you can tell that the first verse is about a little girl and her father.

7. Blue

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is a beloved American drama series that aired for seven seasons. Among the many musicians tasked with producing tracks for the soundtracks was Angie Hart. She co-wrote the song “Blue” with Joss Whedon, the series’ creator, for the “Conversations with Dead People” episode. There is no telling what inspired Winters to cover this song, but he delivered a perfect rendition.

6. Black

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam wrote the lyrics to “Black” after a heartbreaking breakup with his girlfriend. He did not even know how much it tore him apart until he read the lyrics of what would be a hit song, reaching No.3 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. At first, even the band was reluctant to have it in their album, reasoning that it was such a personal song for Vedder, but it became part of the “Ten” album. Vedder explained the song was about letting go; thus, he did not want it promoted or have it in video form.

5. Stop This Train

The words “Stop This Train” are a metaphor that John Mayer used to refer to how badly he wanted time to stop. He sings that he does not want to get older because he is scared of the unknown. Mayer says the train is moving too fast, meaning that time is running out, yet he cannot do anything about it. By the end of the song, he has accepted that life is to be enjoyed for as long as one lives.

4. Wild Horses

According to Far Out Magazine, the lyrics were originally penned by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. He was inspired by the regret of having to leave behind his newborn son, to go on tour. However, the song was shelved for two years due to a management disagreement resulting in Mike Jagger amending the lyrics to suit his personal experience. Still, he maintained the line “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.” Winters did a rendition of the 1971 classic.

3. Lockdown

Winters could not hide his excitement of recording an original song after releasing so many covers. For the first time, he allowed his fans to see his ability as a musician to also come up with his music. The song “Lockdown” was timely during the COVID-19 lockdown, and the lyrics tell as much. The singer talks about feeling depressed and being unable to get out of bed unless there is a huge reason to motivate him. He adds how much he misses his friends after being locked up in the house breathing the same air for days on end.

2. Bring Me to Life

This is only a cover of Evanescence’s original song “Bring Me to Life,” which was the band’s debut single in 2003. Amy Lee, the lead singer, disclosed that the opening line was inspired by how Josh Hartzler saw right through her mask and detected she was unhappy in her relationship. Hartzler’s ability to see through her resulted in the two friends getting married.

1. Hurt

Trent Reznor penned the lyrics to this song after living in the house where the murder of actress Sharon Tate occurred. After moving out, he was haunted by his stay in that house and the only way to exorcise his demons was through a song. Thus he wrote “Hurt” which was recorded by Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash’s producer also saw the potential of the song and had Cash release his version which did remarkably well. It is, therefore, no wonder that when Winters decided to do song covers, this had to be on his list.

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