The 10 Best Ray Price Songs of All-Time

Ray Price

Ray Price was a country music singer, songwriter, and well-known record producer. He has been credited to have helped create the Nashville Sound. He was born in Texas in 1926 and was a piano student. He later became a disk jockey before joining the US Marine Corps. After his time in the United States Marine Corps, he was employed by the Grand Ole Opry. He became one of the most successful country music artists during his lifetime globally. In 1956, he was the first country music artist to have a hit song with the top-selling single on the Billboard 100. His career was going strong ever since and is considered one of the best in country music history. He did collect a couple of industry awards, including the Academy of Country Music Awards, the Country Music Association Awards, Grammy Awards for Best Male Country Vocal Performance, and more. He was also inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1996. He died in 2013 at his home in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Despite his death, he is still considered one of the biggest stars in music today, and his influence lives on.

10. I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) (1953)


‘I’ll Be There’ song is about how a man wants his lover always to remember that he will be there for them if they ever need him. It is an emotional track, and it makes the listener feel as though they are wanted and loved. It’s a piece that will inspire its listeners to take that leap of faith and be with someone they love. This track received several positive reviews because it touched people’s hearts in different ways. It has also topped the charts in several countries.

9. Make The World Go Away (1963)


Ray Price released this song in 1963. Despite being a country music track, it was a massive hit and made it to the Billboard Top 100 list. It peaked at number ten on the list within only two weeks of its release. It talks about how people can improve the world by forgetting about their troubles. It is a track that will make you feel happy because it motivates its listeners to not stay in one place all day long.

8. My Shoes Keep Walkin’ Back To You (1957)


‘My Shoes Keep Walkin’ Back To You’ is a country music track about how a man’s love keeps going back to the same old flame. Despite finding someone new, his lover keeps running back to their past flames. It is another touching track by Ray Price, and it makes listeners realize that not everyone can be as loyal as they are. It is a piece that explores the topic of infidelity and how relationships are not always what they seem.

7. I’ve Got A New Heartache (1956)


‘I’ve Got A New Heartache’ track talks about how someone has found a new love interest but is already in pain because they are thinking about their past lover. It is an emotional piece about how one can’t forget the past despite finding someone new in life. It makes listeners realize that love isn’t just simple, and just because people move on doesn’t mean they stop caring about their ex-lovers.

6. City Lights (1958)


‘City Lights’ is a heartfelt country music piece about how a man wants to see his lover more often. He knows they both have busy lives, making him sad because he loves her. It is a beautiful track that will inspire listeners to appreciate their significant other more often. It’s another heartwarming song from Ray Price that makes listeners happier.

5. The Same Old Me (1959)


‘The Same Old Me’ was released in 1959, and it talks about how someone has changed to become a better person, but once they are with their lover, all of that changes. It explores the topic of self-improvement and how one can become a better person, only to slip back into their old ways when they are with the people they love. It is an emotional piece that will make listeners realize that staying on the right path is not easy.

4. One More Time (1960)


‘One More Time’ is a beautiful country music track that explores the topic of breakup and moving on. It talks about how someone still wants to give love another chance despite having gone their separate ways. It is a powerful song with a catchy rhythm that will make its listeners’ heartstrings feel tugged when they hear it. Once again, this piece will inspire its listeners to give love another chance. It is a beautiful track that resonates with people of all ages.

3. Crazy Arms (1956)


‘Crazy Arms’ was released in 1956, and it talks about how someone has fallen in love with a woman. It is an interesting piece that explores the topic of infidelity, one that will make listeners think about what they would do if their lover fell for another person. It is a classic from Ray Price that will make its listeners want to live life to the fullest. It won the Grammy Hall of Fame award in 1998, which is not the only big achievement it has had.

2. I Won’t Mention It Again (1971)


‘I Won’t Mention It Again’ explores the topic of infidelity once more, this time by talking about how someone will never cheat on their partner, no matter what. It is a powerful country music piece about how one should always remain loyal to the ones they love, despite bad times and problems in life. The catchiness of this track makes it into a big hit that will inspire its listeners to do right by those that mean the world to them.

1. For The Good Times (1970)


‘For The Good Times’ talks about how someone wants to thank their love for all of the memories they have shared. It’s an emotional country music piece that will make listeners feel warm and fuzzy inside. It explores the topic of time together in a relationship, making its listeners realize how important every moment is with the one they love. This particular track won the Country Music Association Award for Album of the Year in 1970, showing how influential it is. It also won two more awards at the same ceremony: Song of the Year and Single of the Year. It will be stuck in listeners’ heads for days, and it will make them appreciate the moments they have had with their lover.


All of these songs give a person an incredible feel-good vibe, one that will inspire them to live life to the fullest. They are all emotional, powerful pieces that warm up their listeners’ hearts. Ray Price is a legendary artist who has been making great music for decades, and it’s good to see that even today, his tracks continue to inspire people of all ages.

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