The 10 Best Coffey Anderson Songs of All-Time

It’s not really that often that you find a pop singer who is also a country artist who just happens to also be a gospel singer. However, that is exactly what you get with self-made recording artist Coffey Anderson. The native of Bangs, Texas got his start posting videos of himself singing repurposed versions of popular music on YouTube.

In short, he would take mainstream pop songs, turn them into gospel songs and then post them on his YouTube channel. It didn’t take long for people to realize that he had a talent for both singing and tweaking the lyrics to make them fit an entirely different genre of music. Eventually, he wound up on one of those music talent search shows and the rest is history. He now has a recording contract and a number of songs under his belt. Here are 10 of his best.

10. Magazine Girl (2016)

Of course, not every song recorded by Anderson is a gospel song. As you can probably tell from the title, this is a song more in tune with popular music, as it discusses a girl that he’s falling for, one who just happens to be on the cover of a coveted magazine. The song goes on to discuss how he’s just a regular Joe and he’s falling in love with this model that he doesn’t feel like he deserves. Anyone who’s ever struggled with imposter syndrome can definitely identify with the lyrics in this song. That fact alone makes it worth a listen.

9. I Wanna Be Your Cowboy (2016)

Here you have another song about him wanting to hook up with a girl. He’s using the phrase that also serves as the title of the song in a somewhat cheeky manner, but it also serves the bigger picture quite well. That’s largely because the song is all about someone who truly identifies with the cowboy lifestyle, more specifically how that lifestyle comes into play when you start to fall for someone who may or may not subscribe to those same ideals.

8. Better Today (2008)

Nobody is perfect and that is precisely what the lyrics of this song discuss in a rather in-depth manner. It talks about various things such as falling short of your goals, dealing with real tragedy that impacts you in such a way that living life as you knew it before it becomes almost impossible, so on and so forth. The lyrics also talk about finding a way to simply be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. Obviously, that looks different for every individual but you get the idea. Even when things don’t go your way or you think that you’ve messed up so badly that there’s no going back, there’s always a chance to remedy things moving forward. All anyone can do is their best and this is a song that celebrates that fact. You don’t have to be perfect, you simply have to try.

7. Blessed (2022)

As previously mentioned, he often takes songs and creates his own version of gospel songs. Obviously, he has a strong interest in singing gospel songs in order to do that and this is a perfect example of his desire to convey his faith. The lyrics of the song discuss knowing that you are blessed, on both your good days and your bad days. It’s more about looking at the bigger picture and understanding that the world doesn’t always revolve around you and things don’t always go your way, but in the end, it will be okay.

6. Can I (2008)

This is something of a love song, but it talks about the budding stages of love when things are still so early that you don’t even know if it’s true love or not. In short, the lyrics speak of seeing someone who is attractive and then thinking of various ways to get their attention, largely by asking them if you can take them to dinner, buy them a flower, or take them to the movies.

5. You Gave Me You (2008)

One of the sweetest ways that you can convey your love for any other individual is by expressing to them how much they mean to you, not what they can do for you, but by merely existing. That is exactly what you get with this song. It’s all about loving someone for the sake of loving them, not expecting something specific from them. It talks about that type of love that you find on rare occasions when you love someone so much that you don’t even care about their faults because they are perfect in your eyes.

4. Hillbilly Gangster (2016)

This is an interesting song because it is a country song, yet it is also a rap song. Obviously, this isn’t something that you hear often. In fact, the two genres are almost never combined. The mere fact that they are combined in this song is enough to make most people want to hear it, even if they don’t consider themselves dedicated fans of either genre.

3. Good To You (2022)

When most people get right down to the heart of the matter, they want to find love and they want it to be someone that they truly resonate with. In short, people want to find someone who will treat them right and they are usually looking for a person that they can reciprocate that action with. There were a few things as pure as loving someone enough to want what’s best for them, even if it doesn’t agree with what you would want personally. That’s exactly what this song is all about.

2. Memory Lane (2019)

Everyone decides to take a walk down memory lane from time to time. Of course, that walk looks different for each individual. The point is that you create memories worth thinking about. The lyrics in this song are all about doing exactly that.

1. Stay with Me (2017)

Yes, this is Anderson’s own version of the popular Sam Smith song. The lyrics remain virtually unchanged. That being said, it is one of the most powerful covers you’re likely to hear any time soon. It’s also one of the saddest love songs out there.

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