The 10 Best Riley Green Songs of All Time

Riley Green is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has been interested in music since his childhood. His grandfather, Bufford Green, ran a music joint which is what inspired him to sing professionally. Riley received his first big break as a contestant on the fourth season of CMT’s reality series, Redneck Island. After the show, he quickly became a successful country singer.

He enjoyed his first success when he released his 2018 single; There Was This Girl. According to Billboard, the song sat at number 21 on the Country Airplay chart. We will discuss more about the song later. With that brief introduction about the singer, it is time to mention some of his best works. Here are the ten best Riley Green songs of all time below.

10. Same Old Song (2018)

Riley begins by hilariously poking fun at his drinking in this song. He claims if someone paid him money every time he drank a beer, he would have one million dollars. As the song continues, it is clear that he is not tackling his drinking habit. Instead, he lets us know what he would do if he had a lot of money. He claims he would take his mother to town and buy a Chevy for his father.

9. I Let a Damn Good Woman Leave (2021)

Riley’s character highlights many mistakes he has made. He talks about dropping out of school, wrecking his father’s truck, and stealing a pack of gum from Edward’s Grocery. However, he considers letting a good woman go the worst mistake ever. In the second verse, he talks about spending time with a woman who wasn’t his. We can infer that he may have cheated, which likely affected his relationship with his girlfriend. I mean, could you blame her?

8. If it Wasn’t for Trucks (2020)

The artist begins by expressing his amazement at a boy cutting grass without a truck. We can assume that he is cutting grass with a slasher. There are possible instances of why he may not be using a mowing truck. Perhaps he could be ignorant of the existence of mowing trucks. The other possibility is that he may not be able to afford a truck since trucks are quite expensive. A truck can cost anywhere from $10,000-75,000. Next, the artist mentions other benefits of trucks, e.g., feeding cows, mending fences, and getting around places.

7. I Wish Grandpas Never Died (2019)

Riley dedicated this song to his two deceased grandfathers. Interestingly, the song does not focus so much on his grandfathers. Instead, he mentions some of the things he wishes were different. Besides never wanting his grandfathers to die, he wishes country would be played on the radio, gas prices would go low, and cars would have truck beds. To find out other things that he wishes for, give this song a listen. You will discover that you can relate to some of his wishes.

6. There Was This Girl (2018)

This song epitomizes the concept of love making you act stupid. It begins with Riley’s character driving his father’s truck. With him in the truck is his girlfriend. The girlfriend dares him to do a dangerous driving stunt. He turns around a curve so fast that he overturns the vehicle. Riley’s action can actually be explained scientifically. Love makes you do crazy things due to chemical and hormonal changes. These changes are similar to what happens during drug addiction.

5. I Hope She’s Drinking Tonight (2022)

In this song, a man gets informed that his love interest has shown up at a bar. The bar is the same one they would frequently go to and have drinks. This man wastes no time and goes to the bar. He hopes that she will reveal how much she misses him when she becomes tipsy. Also, he hopes the woman will kiss him. The song demonstrates how alcohol can influence people’s behaviors. This woman is likely the type to get affectionate after a few drinks.

4. When She Comes Home Tonight (2017)

In this song, a man waits for his woman to arrive home. When she finally arrives, she is exhausted and reveals how much she detests work. The man cheers her by having some drinks ready and making love to her. The song shows how we should welcome our spouses when they arrive home a bit late. In some cases, some spouses confront their spouses for being late. Confronting them makes things worse. However, it would make sense to confront them if you thought they were cheating.

3. Betting Man (2019)

Here, Riley’s character reminiscences about lost love. He is certain that she would reject him if he tried to get back with her. Throughout the song, he expresses different ways he would try to get her back. For instance, he claims if he were a disc jockey, he would play songs that would convince her to love him again. Typically, when a relationship ends, one person ends up being more affected than the other. If you are more affected by the relationship loss, it is best to seek ways of moving on.

2. Get That Man a Beer (2019)

In this song, Riley’s character dates a certain woman. Later, a man steals her from him, and they get married. Riley is certain that things will go badly, and they do. The woman habitually cheats on the man, just like she did with Riley. It can be sad when a man steals your girlfriend. However, sometimes it is for the best since Riley dodged a bullet.

1. Hard to Leave (2019)

It can be frustrating when your truck refuses to fire up. In this case, Riley does not want his truck to work, so that he can spend more time with his woman. This is an example of a case when something going wrong can work in your favor.

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