The 10 Best Samantha Fox Songs of All-Time

Samantha Fox is an English pop singer, glamor model, and actress. She first appeared in a BBC play, “No Way Out” when she was ten years old. At age fourteen, she performed her first pop band with Richard Smart, Edward Gallagher, and Bob Day. Lamborghini Records offered Samantha her first record deal when she was sixteen. In1983, she released her first song with the record label titled “Rockin’ with My Radio”/“My Old Man.” Later on, she began to work with other record labels like Jive, Genie, and Ichiban. She rose to fame when she released her debut album, “Touch Me.” Four songs from this album enjoyed commercial success. Since then, she has been able to release other successful albums. According to The Famous People, her studio albums have sold over twenty million copies worldwide. A lot can be said about her, but this is her music history in a nutshell. It is now time we discussed some of the songs she released. Here are the top ten best Samantha Fox songs of all-time from good to best.

10. Love House (1988)


This song became one of the first acid house singles to appear on mainstream charts. Acid house began to become popular in the late 1980s, which explains why she released this song. This song uses an audio sample from Madame X’s 1987 song, “Just That Type of Girl,” at the beginning. What makes this song memorable is its avant-garde music video. The song has bizarre characters and effects that create a sense of foreboding.

9. Your House or My House (1988)


This song tackles a relatable subject matter. It is about a man who shows interest in her. Rather than approach her, he makes subtle hints like staring at her. The woman then challenges him to make his move rather than play games with her. Besides tackling a relatable issue, it is a catchy soul song.

8. (Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But the Pants Stay On (1991)


Samantha manages to tackle another relatable matter in yet another captivating house song. In this song, she dances with a certain man who has other intentions. She lets the man know they will not sleep with each other until they get to know each other. What makes this song memorable is the music video showing how she escapes from this man. In the video, she tricks him into thinking they will sleep together, only to lock him in a bedroom with other men.

7. Touch Me (1986)


This song from her debut album with the same name instantly became a hit. According to, it peaked at number four in the United States, number three in the United Kingdom, and topped Canadian and Australian charts. The song’s music video shows her performing in a concert. She pulls out a young man from the crowd only to tease him. This song somehow manages to use sexual references without appearing filthy.

6. Hold On Tight (1986)


In the late 1980s, there was a renewed interest in 1950s pop culture. According to The Pop Insyder, the “Back to the Future” film played a role in creating the 1950s nostalgia. Naturally, Samantha released this rock and roll song to pay homage to the 1950s. She also pays tribute to the era by dancing with youths in letterman jackets and poodle skirts.

5. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (1986)


You cannot help but feel taunted every time you listen to this song. Samantha seems to challenge a man by asking him whether he can please her. She then lets him know she is much stronger than the girls he has had before. The thing that makes this song tongue-in-cheek is the music video. In the video, she pranks her band members.

4. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now (1987)


This is another relatable song because of its subject matter. In the song’s music video, she uses several forms of locomotion, such as a horse, BMX bike, Sunseeker XPS 34 motorboat, Cessna Skymaster, and an Alfa Romeo Spider. Later, she appears beside an outdoor swimming pool. In this song, she severs ties with a man who disrespects her. The video probably alludes to the fact that she has been enjoying life since she broke up with this man.

3. Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (1988)


The song talks about a “naughty girl” who unexpectedly falls in love. She claims that she would take love as a joke by breaking men’s hearts. The woman did not take love seriously because she claimed it was what men usually did. One cannot help but resonate with the message since some people refuse to date others because of their naughty past. Another admirable thing about this song is her dance routine with street toughs.

2. I Wanna Have Some Fun (1988)


This unforgettable house song addresses the importance of having fun. The song challenges the gender double standards when it comes to having fun. She complains to her partner about how he is free to leave the house and have fun with no questions asked, yet when she tries to leave, she must explain herself. All the lady wants is to go out dancing after spending much time at work.

1. I Only Wanna Be With You (1989)


This song covers Dusty Springfield’s 1963 song with the same name. Samantha revealed in an interview that the song was the first she ever learned to sing. The song’s music video has a certain hilarity typical for the 1980s. For instance, she is shown looking for men in various places, including a telephone booth and a trash can.

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