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Meek Mill

Meek Mill is an American rapper who entered the music business in 2003. It took him five years to sign his first record deal. Since that time, he has released five studio albums. He’s a native of Philadelphia and got into battle rapping, also joining g a group called the Bloodhoundz but only stayed a short time. His birth name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, which gives us the basis of his stage name as it seems to be taken from his given name. Here is a ranking of all his studio albums from worst to best.

5. “Expensive Pain”

“Expensive Pain” is Meek Mills’ most recent album. It came out in 2021, and so far, it’s not even close to being his most appreciated album. On October 15, 2021, it peaked at number four on the Billboard album sales charts. It opened with the nearly 3 minute “Hate On Me” which gives us a good idea of what’s to come throughout the rest of the album. Charting at number four is very respectable, and this is by no means a bad album, nor is it a failure, but it’s not his best either. For now, it best fits in the fifth spot.

4. “Wins & Losses”

Rap Genius ranks this album as the number one best of all time, but most other critics have it at three or four. We’re leaving it in the fourth spot because it didn’t chart past the third spot, and there are a few other albums that have performed better in sales. We agree with the Rap Genius assessment that the album is introspective. “Young Black America,” and “These Scars” are well-written and thought-provoking.

We don’t see this album as his greatest project though. Meek Mill hasn’t turned out a bad album yet. Some artists release failures, but this has not yet been the case with Meek Mill. Every album reaches out and touches the audience in some profound way, but not always the same way. This one is particularly inspiring, but there are three others that we believe eclipse “Wins & Losses.

3. “Dreams & Nightmares”

“Dreams & Nightmares” is a 14 track album that features quite a few fellow rappers in a balanced project that starts with a titular intro that moves into popular tracks including “In Gold We Trust,” with Kirko Bangz on “Young & Gettin’ It,” Rick Ross in “Believe It,” John Legend, Nas, and Rick Ross performing “Maybach Curtains,” Drake in “Amen,” with appearances by Wale and Trey Songz, Mary J. Blige, and Louie V. Gutta. The album peaked at number two for sales in November of 2012, on the Billboard Global 200.

Critics ranked this album all over the place, from number one to four. We put it in the third spot in the ranking of his best albums of all time. Meek Mill was at the top of his game when he released this album. The album cover for this project is fairly descriptive with an expensive watch linked to a set of police handcuffs that sets the tone before you play a single track. All in all, the entire album is well-done and comes across as a solid Meek Mill masterpiece with no contrived or forced tracks whatsoever.

2. “Championships”

“Championships” dropped in 2018 and reached the spot of number two on the Billboard Global 200 chart in December of that year. The album met with a warm reception from critics and fans alike. Without exception, most review sites placed it as the number 3 best work of his career so far. Although it’s tempting to go with the flow, we decided to take it up a notch because it was so tight with the “Dreams and Nightmares” album, we had to make a decision about which one was better.

They ran neck and neck through most of our review, but we gave it a few extra points on the scoreboard for the extra goodies included on the 19-track project. There were some great featured rappers on the album including Future, Roddy Ricch, Young Thug, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Drake, Ella Mai, 21 Savage, and others. We have to agree that the consistency is not quite as tight as “Dreams and Nightmares” but overall, it came so close, we couldn’t help but put it over the top because of the quality of the tracks and the diversity of the album.

1. “Dreams Worth More Than Money”

The best album of Meek Mill’s career so far is “Dreams Worth More Than Money.” The album came out in 2015. It peaked on the Billboard Global 200 chart at number one in July of that year. It’s the only Meek Mill album to hit the number one spot on this chart. While the album was popular in his home country, it took the top spot in global sales for a time in the summer of 2015 that no other Meek Mill album has. Ranker also chose this album as their pick for number one, as did Album of the Year.

The album is loaded with featured rappers including Tory Lanez, Swizz Beatz, Future, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj, Drake, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and Puff Daddy featured on “Cold Hearted. This was Meek Mill’s second studio album release and it was well-received by audiences because of its long list of featured rappers that were in vogue at the time, and to this day, still relevant. Overall, Google showed that 95 percent of the listeners liked this album and would recommend it to others.

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