The 10 Best The Weeknd Songs of All-Time

When The Weeknd released his debut mixtape, House of Balloons, in 2011 the project became an instant hit. His mysterious persona mixed with his airy and genre-defying sound was unlike anything anyone had heard. In the years since that project, he has gone on to become an international success with millions of albums sold all over the world. Although his sound has evolved a bit since the beginning of his career, The Weeknd continues to make the kind of music that will leave you in a trance. Even if you don’t listen to him religiously, there are probably a few songs that you know very well. Let’s get into our 10 best The Weeknd songs of all time.

10. Starboy


Released in “Starboy” boasts a feature from Daft Punk and has a creative sound that makes it unbelievably catchy. The song reached number one on several charts and it helped to further solidify The Weeknd’s place as a pop superstar. Since its release, the music video has gotten well over 1 billion views on YouTube.

9. I Feel It Coming


At this point, any time you see The Weeknd team up with Daft Punk, you know the song is going to be a hit. While “I Feel It Coming” might not be one of The Weeknd’s best songs from an artistic standpoint, it’s definitely one of his most memorable. Even though the song was released back in 2016, it has managed to age pretty well.

8. Die For You


The Weeknd’s somewhat melancholy vibe is one of the things that made him popular at the start of his career and “Die For You” taps into that. In the song, The Weeknd sings about loving someone so much he would die for them. Even though the subject is pretty dark, he still manages to make it sound good.

7. Earned It


Released at the end of 2014 as part of the soundtrack for Fifty Shades of Grey, “Earned It”  is definitely on-brand with the theme of the movie. The song’s memorable chorus and smooth beat helped it earn the number one spot on several charts and platinum status in multiple countries.

6. Often


“Often” is one of those songs that never gets old, and that’s a rare quality to find in lots of music. As The Weeknd sings “She asked me if I do this every day, I said often/Asked how many times she rode the wave, not so often”. He reminds his listeners that he is, indeed, that dude.

5. Heartless


Produced by Metro Boomin, “Heartless” has a hip-hop sound that you don’t hear on a lot of The Weeknd’s songs. That, combined with lyrics that are boastful and fun, it’s easy to see why “Heartless” was such a popular song. When The Weeknd said, “F**k needing a b***h, I’m what a b***h need” a lot of people really felt that.

4. Coming Down


As one of the songs on his debut mixtape, “Coming Down” was part of many people’s introduction to The Weeknd. This song is a perfect example of why people fell in love with The Weeknd. Even though the song is technically about coming down from a high, it has gone on to have different meanings to different people. Most would agree that this is what good music is supposed to do.

3. The Zone


Early in his career, The Weeknd and Drake were frequent collaborators and The Weeknd is the result of the magic that can be made when these two work together. Both men were truly in the zone when they hopped on this track and it is the perfect blend of smoothness and aggression. The song was originally released on The Weeknd’s Thursday mixtape, and it was re-released on his album, Trilogy.

2. The Party & The After Party


When “The Party & The After Party” was released in 2011, it became one of the songs from The Weeknd’s debut mixtape that got him lots of attention. Even though the song is about drugs, most people wouldn’t be able to tell at first listen. The lyrics are masterful and they blend perfectly with the beat. In fact, when the song was released, many people were in awe of the way The Weeknd was able to make something bad sound so good.

1. Wicked Games


If you’ve ever heard someone say they miss The Weeknd’s “old” sound, this is probably the sound they’re talking about. “Wicked Game” is another song from The Weeknd’s debut mixtape and it was clear that it was going to be something special from the moment he opened his mouth. Beginning with the line “I left my girl back home/I don’t love her no more,” “Wicked Games” proved to be the perfect introduction to The Weeknd.

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