The 10 Best Jana Kramer Songs of All-Time

Jana Kramer

Jana Rea Kramer’s amazing acting skills, dancing skills, and blending of R&B and country music have drawn attention to her art. She is well known for her acting role on the television series One Tree Hill. After many years of acting, Jana Kramer started her music career in February 2011 by signing a recording contract with Elektra Records. People questioned her decision and didn’t believe in her music career. Jana Kramer released her self-titled first album in 2012, and surprisingly it became her most successful. The album’s singles “Why You Wanna ” and “Whisky” were a hit and charted on Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay. Jana Kramer’s second album, Thirty-One, produced her highest-charting single on Billboard. The single “I Got The Boy” was positively received by critics becoming a certified hit. Jana Kramer’s singles have soothed the ears of her fans, making her successfully crossover to the music industry. Here are the top ten Jana Kramer songs of all time.

10. Dammit


The first song on our list of Jana Kramer’s all-time songs with this touching track, “Dammit.” This single is about an almost perfect love that has been ripped off. Jana Kramer speaks out of her own experience and wants her audience to view love as something great that happens in our lives instead of bitter regret when things don’t work out. Nicole Galyon and Elizabeth Huett wrote this song, and Jana Kramer sings it from her heart.

9. Said No One Ever


The song “Said No One Ever” was released as the third single from Jana Kramer’s album, Thirty-One. The researchers, Know Your Meme, said the song has been used online as a Twitter hashtag to mock something despised or unpopular opinions. Lyrically, Jana Kramer talks about the things she hates, such as loneliness, prison, self-indulgent people, among others. The song is sassy and fun, and it’s the kind of music that will never get old.

8. Beautiful Lies


Jana Kramer was inspired to write this heartbreak song by her husband, who was unfaithful to her. It’s a bitter song as Jana Kramer speaks about broken vows, feeling worthless and her world falling into pieces. The lyrics make you feel her pain and her voice resonates with the music. “Beautiful Lies” was released in March 2019 and was positively received by critics as she shared her thoughts and emotions with the world.

7. I Hope It Rains


This heartbreak song was released in July 2013 as Jana Kramer’s second single from her self-titled album. It has an R&B and hip-hop beat, making it catchy and more fun. Lyrically, Jana Kramer seems bitter about her ex-lover and hopes his days will be ruined. She seems to be hurting from the pain her ex-lover caused her. Anyone who has been through a similar situation would relate to this song. Everything about the song is so good that you will want to keep repeating it over and over.

6. What I Love About Your Love


“What I Love About Your Love” was released in January 2012 from Jana Kremer’s self-titled album. In this song, we find Jana Kraner in love and expressing her feelings towards her man. The song is soft and relaxing and features a keyboard, drums, and strings to create a beautiful sound. Jana is all smiley, and you can feel her positive energy while she sings.

5. Love


This song is not about romantic relationships; it’s about spreading and showing love to the community. Jana Kramer says there is too much hatred in the world, so we should always choose to be kind and loving to one another. The music video was filmed in Honduras, where Jana Kramer partnered with a charity organization, Hearts2Honduras, to help the community. “Love” was released in July 2014 from Jana Kramer’s debut album, Thirty-One.

4. Circles


Jana Kramer sings this song with a lot of passion and so into the song that her voice cracks when she hits the high notes. The lyrics are about an unbreakable bond of love. This single was released in July 2016 from Jana Kramer’s album, Thirty-One. The song garnered instant attention upon the release, making it peak at number 55 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

3. Whisky


The song “Whisky” is from Jana Kramer’s self-titled album released in November 2012. The instrumentals and lyrics are amazing and give the song a tempo that makes you bop your head to the beat. Critics positively received this single and emerged number 25 on the Billboard Country Airplay and sold over 320,000 copies in the United States.

2. Why You Wanna


“Why You Wanna” was Jana Kramer’s first official single from her self-titled album. The song is a story about young love, two young people falling in love with the little things of each other. This single was released in January 2012. It’s hard to believe she didn’t write this song because she sings it as if she wrote it. The single was written by Ashley Gorley, Catt Gravitt, and Chris DeStefano. The song was a hit, and it debuted number two on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

1. I Got The Boy


Number one on our top 10 Jana Kramer songs list is the song “I Got The Boy,” which was her biggest track in 2015. The song was a massive success and became number five on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. In addition, the single was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Lyrically, the song is about a woman reminiscing about a former lover from her youth who had a wedding. She discusses the differences in appearance and character of the boy she knew instead of the man he has grown to be. The song is good, and the lyrics would resonate with anyone. This single was released in March 2015 from Jana Kramer’s album, Thirty-One.

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