The 10 Best Steelheart Songs of All-Time

Our article on the top ten Steelheart songs of all time takes a look at ten of the best songs from a band that rose to fame during the early 90s. At the peak of their fame, a number of other “hair bands” had emerged. However, Steelheart seemed to be more forward-thinking than most of their counterparts. Many people might actually forget that the band still exists since their best-known songs came from their debut album. However, their emergence coincided with the rise of grunge music, which made them fall out of favor a bit prematurely. In 2017, the band released the album, Through World’s of Stardust and headlined the 2017 Thunder by the Bay festival.

The band’s most prominent guy is Miljenko Matijevic who is the band’s frontman. He is responsible for providing the vocals for Mark Wahlberg’s 2001 film, “Rock Star.” The band’s debut album, Steelheart, was released in 1990, with the track “I’ll Never Let You Go” proving to be a massive hit. This helped the album hit gold status. The track remains to be Steelheart’s biggest hit in the US, having peaked at #23 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The band has undergone a number of changes since it was founded and currently consists of Miljenko Matijevic, Mike Humbert, Joe Pessia, and Marten Andersson. Here is our countdown of the top ten Steelheart Songs of all time.

10. Love Ain’t Easy


Despite being latecomers in the metal scene, Steelheart’s debut album was nothing short of amazing. “Love Ain’t Easy” is the first track on the album, whose first four songs were excellent. Miljenko Matijevic’s vocals stand out throughout the thumping song, which is quite catchy.

9. We All Die Young


The first song from Steelheart’s 1996 album, Wait, was such a banger despite many people being disappointed by the whole album, whose quality might have been affected by Miljenko’s accident, “We All Die Young” was one of the positives about the album. The track was featured in the movie Rock Star which featured Mark Wahlberg. The song was covered by Eden’s Curse in their 2007 self-titled debut album.

8. Sticky Side Up


You must be new to metal music if you don’t get into a party mood while listening to this hit. “Sticky Side Up” is the second song from the band’s 1992 album, Tangled In Reins. The track has a great video that starts with a hand holding on to a chainlink fence before the band starts to perform in an industrial area. It’s sad that the entire album did not get the recognition it deserved but what a hit “Sticky Side Up” was.

7. Like Never Before


When this song and the entire album were released back in 1990, there were many talented bands on the scene. A lot of people realized just how good this song was many years after some of these bands had faded. The guitar riffs are excellent, and the song’s hook is quite catchy. If you want to take a break from everything you are used to listening to, check out this classic Steelheart jam.

6. Down N’ Dirty


Down N’ Dirty is another powerful song from their self-titled debut album. The rocking song contains some fantastic lyrics and is performed with a lot of infectious energy. However, it would have been much better if this song had an accompanying official music video.

5. Rock ‘N Roll (I Just Wanna)


“Rock ‘N Roll” is another fast track from Steelheart’s self-titled debut album. The track is a real gem on the album, and besides its well-written lyrics, it remains pretty underrated. Furthermore, Matijevic’s high-pitched voice is absolutely amazing, while John Fowler’s drumming also stands out.

4. Everybody Loves Eileen


If you listen to this song, you will understand why Miljenko Matijevic is commonly referred to as one of the best rockers of all time. Furthermore, the song’s lyrics, which Matijevic and Ward James wrote, are so sweet as the duo describes why everyone is in love with a particular woman named Eileen.

3. Can’t Stop Me Lovin You


Steelheart’s debut album was also their peak, and it is no wonder that our list of their top ten songs features so many songs from the album. “Can’t Stop Me Lovin You,” is the second song from the album. Finally, the song contains a great video that shows the band performing on a stage decorated with their name.

2. I’ll Never Let You Go


Narrowly missing out on the top spot on our list of the top ten Steelheart songs of all time is the track, “I’ll Never Let You Go,” which is arguably the band’s most famous song. Many die-hard Steelheart fans will probably argue that the song should have taken the top spot, but the second position is not that bad after all. This power ballad was included in NoiseCreep’s Top Power Ballads of All Time list. Miljenko Matijevic’s incredible vocal range is evident in the song, which peaked at #23 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Finally, the track peaked at #24 on the Mainstream Rock Chart and is the band’s highest charting song ever.

1. She’s Gone

“She’s Gone” is another classic from the band’s debut album. Although not the most popular song by the band, most hardcore rollers will tell you that “She’s Gone” is technically the band’s best song. Several covers for the song have been released, but there is no doubt that this original version is the best and the cleanest. The song’s lyrics are well crafted, and Miljenko’s vocal range is mindblowing. Finally, the guitar tunes are also excellent, and the drum synchronization by the late John Fowler gives you pure emotions.

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