The 10 Best NSYNC Songs of All-Time


The dulcet tones of a harmonious boy band were part of the landscape in the 1990s, but few were as popular as NSYNC. From 1995 to 2002, you couldn’t go anywhere without catching a few strains of their music on the radio. The wildly popular boy band is named for the last letter of the initial members’ names: JustiN, ChriS, JoeY, JasoN, and JC. Here are the top ten best NSYNC songs of all time.

10. Tearin’ Up My Heart


Young love is known for its intensity, which is only natural. Hormones from puberty and youth run high, making everything feel vital, making for great love songs. Tearin’ Up My Heart is the sort of catchy, relatable tune about chasing a girl you might expect from a famous boy band. As the title implies, the singers are interested in a girl who turns them down and tears their hearts up.

9. Pop


Being famous, chased by adoring fans and paparazzi at a young age, has some definite perks. However, there’s a downside as well. People tend to be disrespectful, and a lot of them only focus on your wealth and status. Pop is a song about how none of that matters. The singers talk about how much more critical the effects of their songs are than what they get out of them. Money isn’t everything, but being able to move people and change the way they feel with just the sound of your voice is worthy of genuine respect.

8. I Want You Back


The post-breakup song is a part of most people’s lives. I Want You Back is a feeling most people, especially the young women who make up the majority of NSYNC’s fans, can relate to. The singer(s) in this song wronged the girl, but nevertheless, he misses her and regrets what happened. If there’s a way to make amends, he’ll do it, but he seems to know it’s hopeless.

7. Gone


Gone is the second single from 2001’s studio album Celebrity. The song was written by Justin Timberlake, who takes the lead vocals, and Wade Robson. While the music was instantly popular, especially with the myriad of Timberlake fans, the writers originally intended it to include Michael Jackson. According to Billboard, this was Timberlake’s first solo song, and because it was already on the album, there was no way to revamp it later as a duet even though the king of pop agreed to sing with him.

6. (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You


A Little More Time On You was the third single from NSYNC’s self-titled debut album. The video for this song was filmed entirely in black and white, though the rest of NSYNC’s videos would be full color. The story it shares is not their standard fare, which primarily deals with love and breakups. Instead, this is the story of a son and his mother. The video manages to capture a lot of emotion, though oddly, all the singers share one microphone throughout.

5. Girlfriend


The pop-hip hop anthem Girlfriend is a great song that every fan probably secretly wished they’d sing to her. The video features great classic cars and a lot of questions about whether the one you’re dating is the one you deserve. The idea of being seduced away by a mostly sweet, not too edgy crooner who knows how to have a good time doubtless featured in many wholesome fantasies at the time this song came out.

4. This I Promise You


This I Promise You was the third single from No Strings, released in 2000. For some, it’s hard to imagine that children born the year this song came out are old enough to drink now. Indeed, the sweet ballad played a big part in dating culture at the turn of the century, and older generations may remember it fondly. Whatever your age, a song about being there for someone you care about and helping them through the worst of times is worthy of inclusion on this list. Anyone can be a bad boy. All it takes is some selfishness and a dash of cruelty, but being an icon for what it is to be the good guy takes class and skill.

3. Bye Bye Bye


Not every guy is a heartbroken puppy-love or the one who did the girl wrong and wishes they could take it all back. Sometimes a guy has to stand up for himself and know when to call it quits. Bye Bye Bye is a breakup song from the point of view of a man who has been wronged and isn’t going to take it anymore. Plus, it’s a great catchy tune that gets stuck in your head.

2. Music Of My Heart (With Gloria Estefan)


The incredible vocals of Gloria Estefan couldn’t get better unless you pair her with the smooth dulcet tones of a group like NSYNC. In this case, the ‘Music of My Heart” refers to people who make you want to do and be better than you are. Someone who helps you along will always have a special place in your heart, and this song recognizes the special people in your life.

1. It’s Gonna Be Me


There are lots of number one hit songs. While it’s not an easy achievement, it is a goal that many superb singers have reached. While the song It’s Gonna Be Me is excellent, and the fact that it topped the billboard is one way to show how good it was, this song is infamous for another reason. Justin Timberlake famously mispronounced ‘me’ as ‘may’ in the song. This led to numerous jokes and “It’s Gonna Be May” memes. Sites like YourTango collect the pop culture sensation that is these memes, and they resurface at the end of April every year.

Final Thoughts

Crowds of screaming teenage girls and their mothers turned up at every NSYNC show to dance along with the idealized melodies presented by this beloved band. Former member Justin Timberlake split off to launch a solo career around 2007 after making it clear that he was not interested in making another group album, so it’s unlikely we’ll see a reunion tour. However, there are plenty of amazing NSYNC songs to enjoy when you finish listening to the top ten. After all, boy bands may grow up, but their recordings are forever.

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