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The Descendants

The fantasy movie Descendants became a sensation when it premiered in 2015. This Disney fantasy film showcased the life of some well-known heroes and villains’ offspring who dwell in the Disney Empire. This fantastic film that children of all ages and adults can enjoy was directed by a renowned music film veteran named Kenny Ortega. The film was later turned into a musical movie, and Disney adopted a license that allowed schools to perform it. The film, which is now in its third series, has received positive reviews from over 6.6 million viewers who wanted more of it. The producers followed the original Descendant with sequel two on July 21, 2017, and Descendants 3 on August 2, 2019. Here are the rankings of all the fantastic songs from Descendants 1 Soundtracks.

13. “Descendants Score Suite” (David Lawrence)


“Descendants Score Suite” by David Lawrence is a sorrowful song with a tempo of 116 MPM. The song is rated low because it has low energy and cannot captivate movie lovers to dance.

12. “If Only-Reprise (Dove Cameron)


The performance of a reprise version of the initial if only performance by Dove Cameron appears shortly in the movie again. This time it is done by Mal, who sings it while she is preparing an anti-love potion to give to Ben. Jealousy is what led her to act like that because she doesn’t want anything to distract him when the villains begin to take over Auradon. As she continues to prepare the love portion, she discovers that she has fallen deeply in love with Mal, and she breaks into tears. According to Descendants Wiki, this was the shortest soundtrack that was performed in this series up to date. The song is very emotional and one of the saddest that can make you cry.

11. “I’m your Girl” (Felicia Barton)


Most movies have bonus tracks. “I’m your Girl” is the bonus one that was included in this Descendant 1 Wicked World series. Felicia Barton performed this song in the episode with the same name. The performance happens at Lonnie’s organized music talent show performance. The performance is quite catchy. This song was written by Paul Winger, Dustin Burnett, and Stephanie Lewis and was produced by Dustin Burnett.

10. “Night is Young” (China Anne McClain)


“Night is Young” is another beautiful soundtrack featured in the Descendant movie and performed with the mesmerizing China Anne McClain. This song appears in the series during the Neon Lights Ball organized by Freddie. During the night event, CJ Hook is seen cutting the cords on Lonnie’s Dj equipment to prevent the event from having music. Freddie takes her chance to ensure that the event isn’t that dull and starts to sing using a guitar. According to Entertainment, Freddie performance saved the day, and she received praise from Jordan. Loonies manage to restore power and add background music to Freddie’s solo performance before Lonnie resumes Djing.

9. “Rotten to the Core” (Sofia Carson)


This is a second version of the song recorded by Sofia Carson and released in December 2015 by Walt Disney Records. It was done for the promotional purpose of the computer-animated short film. The Carson version is available in English and Spanish, and it’s the movie’s opening theme.

8. “Believe” (Shawn Mendes)


Canadian star Shawn Mendes did and recorded this song to credit for the film. This track is available on iTunes through Walt Disney Record. The song was amazing and received a nomination for Teen Choice Awards in the category of Choice music from a movie in 2015. In the song, you can hear excellent vocals from Shawn, which He recorded in octaves G3 to C5. You can listen to it anywhere you go.

7. “If Only” (Dove Cameron, Descendants)


This song was released in July 2015, and it debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts at number 99 and climbed to 94. This number was written by Adam Anders, Peer Astrom, and Nikki Hassman.

6. “Good is the New Bad” (Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, and China Anne McClain)


This is another bonus song performance in the Descendant Wicked World that showcases a show-stopping performance by Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, and China Anne McClain. The version happens in episode nine during an annual Talent Show. Audrey and Lonnie jump onto the stage to perform during the competition despite knowing very well that Mal and Evie were the ones to perform first. The crowd begins to cheer them on, and they dance as they sing. Mal and Evie, seeing how happy the crowd is, try to join in their performances, but they are pushed from the stage by Audrey. Ally joins them, and the six girls sing together in extraordinary harmony as the crowd continues to cheer them on.

5. “Be Our Guest” (Mitchell Hope, Spencer Lee, Kala Balch, Marco Marinangeli,)


The performance showcased in this soundtrack is catchy with some nice dance moves. The special performance was done to entertain their parents and relatives who had come visiting during the Family day event.

4. “Evil Like Me” (Kristin Chenoweth, Dove Cameron, Descendants)


“Evil Like Me” was showcased by Kristin Chenoweth and Dove Cameron in the movie and debuted at position 14 before moving to the 12th spot in the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 singles chart.

3. “Did I Mention” (Mitchell Hope, Spencer Lee)


“Did I Mention” was a duet performance by Mitchell Hope and Spencer Lee. It peaked immediately after being released on the Bubbling top single Under Hot 100 charts at number 2.

2. “Set It Off” (Cast, Descendants)


“Set it off “featured the entire cast and debuted at position 17th before rising to 11th on the Bubbling top single Under Hot 100 charts.

1. “Rotten to the Core” (Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, Descendants)


This song’s original version debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 38. It was a good performance from Dove, Sofia, Cameron, and Booboo in the first film.

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