10 Awesome Songs about Parents


Being a parent is not a walk in the park, but it is worth it. There are times when as a parent, you feel that words aren’t enough to express yourself about the parenthood journey. In such instances, songs about parents can greatly help. Some so many musicians have composed amazing songs about parents. In their songs, the lyricists can pay tribute to their parents or express their personal experiences of being parents. Either way, these songs help to highlight the role of parents and narrate the parenting adventure in a captivating manner. If you are looking for such heart-melting songs, your search ends with us. Here are ten awesome songs about parents.

10. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American-based songwriter whose music career has been successful. She has clinched different awards, including the Grammy. According to Brides, Swift was 18 or 19 when composing this heart-warming song. The song follows the story-telling tradition of country music. In this case, the song narrates the amazing parenthood moments. Taylor Swift gently shifts from a parent’s perspective to a kid who does not want to grow up to enjoy the joy of being a kid.

9. In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride

Often parents talk about the lessons they learn when raising their children. There is no better way to put it than what Martina McBride does. As a mother to three daughters, Martina is singing about the lessons of motherhood. According to her, parenthood will force you to become more than you had envisioned. The songwriter confesses in the song that she sees who she wants to be through her daughter’s eyes.

8. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

According to the song, this little girl comes to the father’s life with pink wrap-ups. However, when it is her time to leave, she leaves chasing dreams. This is a song expressing the love and care that a father has towards his daughter. The song depicts that regardless of how old the daughter grows, it is upon the father to take care of her and protect her. This song shows that the father is ready to receive her daughter when she returns home.

7. A Mother like You by JJ Heller

This is a tribute song to a mother’s role in her child’s life. In the song ‘A Mother like You,’ the artist is thankful to her mother for how she enabled her teenage growth and childhood curiosity. The songwriter confesses that she would love to emulate that and be the best mother to her kids. This is a good song for people looking for the best funeral songs for moms.

6. I Got You by Ciara

This song is about the never-changing and undying love between a kid and a parent. The song will take you on life’s journey as a parent and a kid. The song emphasizes the need for a parent to always be present in their child’s life. According to Billboard (https://www.billboard.com/music/music-news/ciara-i-got-you-reflection-mothers-day-level-up-radio-9568750/), this is a tribute song from Ciara to her mother. It is a good song for Mothers’ Say.

5. Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood

Underwood composed this song to tell her mother she is starting a new life with somebody else. This makes it clear that they had a strong bond with her mother. The strong is just an assurance that the bond between her and the mother will last forever and that it is unbreakable. She also assures her mother that the person they are starting life with will treat her well and she is someone who can be trusted. You can play this song at weddings and related events.

4. My Old Man by Zac Brown Band

According to the song’s title, this song is dedicated to a father. The song is about a reliable father figure who can assist you when you need it but also boost your psyche if you feel low. The song leaves you with the lesson of being able to emulate this kind of parenting with your son. It is a good song to dedicate to your parents during parents’ special events like Fathers’ Day.

3. Bridge over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkle

From the song’s title, you can tell that the moral of the artist is to be there when needed. The song simply expresses the support and love that a parent is ready to show when things get rough for their child. According to the song, the songwriter is ready to stand by their child through the emotional instability and tough times.

2. Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Milder

Without our parents’ support, no one could ever come this far. Simply put, parents have always been the wind below our wings that propels us high. The truth is that our parents have influenced us more than we could even care to notice. From the song lyrics, the songwriter is in a celebratory mood for someone who has helped her achieve so many things in life. The song is a pure celebration of the people, parents included, who have helped us get to where we are today.

1. I Learned from You by Hannah Montana

Previously known as Hanna Montana, Miley Cyrus shared a heartfelt appreciation for her dad back in 2006. According to secondhandsongs, in the song, Miley admits that she was not the listening type at first. However, she has learned that there was nothing but pure wisdom in her father’s ways. As Miley shows appreciation for her dad, you can learn from her to appreciate your parents.


The bond between parents and their children is a strong one. In most cases, it feels bad when this bond is broken. As expressed by artists in music, parents will be there for their children regardless of how old they grow. However, things happen when this is no longer possible. The bond between parents and children may be separated by loss of life, and divorce, among other reasons. In such instances, songs become the best way to assure you that all is well.

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