10 Awesome Songs about Sleeping


Sleeping is one of the healthiest activities you should undertake to take care of yourself. Medical practitioners and physiotherapists have advised that whenever we are having difficulties sleeping, there are songs that can lure us into doing so. Different artists have incorporated the idea of falling asleep in their songs, and in this article, we shall examine ten awesome songs you should choose.

10. The Lion Sleeps Tonight- Solomon Linda

Solomon released the song in Zulu in the 1930s, which has been transmitted and covered by many bands. The Tokens adopted and translated the song in 1961. After its release, it became one of the greatest hits topping several charts and once topping the Hot 100 Billboard. It was also featured in the Lion King Movies. A rhythmic beat can easily carry the listener into a deep sleep. It is regarded as one of the sleeping songs with straightforward lyrics which the listener can participate in as they await to sleep.

9. Golden Slumbers- The Beatles

The ‘Golden Slumbers’ was released by The Beatles in 1969 under “Apple Records” and was written by Lennon-McCartney. The song is based on the lullaby Poem “Cradle Song,” written by Thomas Dekker. The narrator convinces the listener that when they go to sleep, they shall have pleasant dreams and starts with a steady and slow tempo that picks up later in the other parts of the song yet maintains a steady tune for one to sleep. This song is also appropriate for children as they are great believers in sleeping dreamlands.

8. I guess I Should Go to Sleep- Jack White

Jack White’s 2012’s album “Blunderbuss” comes with this excellent hit song. It starts with a mixture of piano plays by two artists, Mose Alison and songwriter Newman. The song is based on a narration of someone who has been tired all day and they needed to go upstairs and sleep. The song was produced under the “Third Man. XL. Columbia” label takes two minutes and thirty-six seconds to prepare you to go to bed. You can play it when you are just about to leave a party or to seek permission from your partner to go to bed.

7. Behind the Wall of Sleep- The Smithereens

The Smithereens band released this song in 1986. It carries a frustrated mood of a narrator who realizes that he will never be friends with a female friend. He only hopes to meet her in his dreams, the ‘behind walls of sleep.’ Like the other sleeping songs, it uses a fusion of instruments with the leader’s steady voice.

6. No Sleep till Brooklyn- Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys released the song in their 1996 album titled Licensed to III. It is a rap-rock banger that employs the use of heavy metal. The song comes with a heavy guitar tune played by Kerry King (the guitarist who played for Slayer). The song is best for those just about to wake up, for it encourages the listener to stay on until they get to their home, Brooklyn. You can get the song from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other major music online platforms. You can also watch its video, which Adam Rubin directed.

5. (Last Night) I Didn’t Sleep at All– 5th Generation

The song was released in 1972. It carries the message of a lover who could not sleep because of their love for their partner. According to the song, not even sleeping pills can help someone sleep when thinking of their partners. The song uses impressive vocals and various instruments to persuade someone to sleep. The song, which runs for three minutes and ten seconds, ranked high on different charts, more notably the second in the U.S. Billboard (Easy Listening) in 1972. It is featured in the soundtrack of Last Night, a comedy film.

4. You Can Sleep While I Drive- Melissa Etheridge

The song was recorded and released by Melissa Etheridge in her album “Brave and Crazy,” released in 1990. It is a pop rock song that, upon release, was ranked number 23 on the U.S. Hot Country Songs’ Billboard. In a slowing-moving mood, the singer expresses her desire to leave the town as she persuades her lover to join her on their journey. As they pass through the cities of Nashville and New Orleans, she persuades her lover to sleep because she is driving.

3. If You Talk in Your Sleep- Elvis Presley

Do you have a friend who talks when they are sleeping or dreaming? Then it would be best if you dedicated this song to them. For the lovers of Funk songs, here is your song to play if you want to sleep. The song was released in 1974 by Elvis Presley and used a mixture of instruments with a slow tone, slowing down when the artist is singing, only to rise again when his band and he lower their voices.

2. A Pillow of Winds- Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd chose to document sleeping stages in a slow but attractive way, combining instruments and a sleeping tone. The producer inserts creative sounds to depict sleeping at every stage. Through him, we learn that the first step is falling asleep, followed by active dreaming, and then we wake up in the morning. The song’s fusion of experiments and craft was later witnessed in the band’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” It features a unique mixture of the acoustic melody and a bass guitar playing simultaneously.

1. Asleep- The Smiths

The “Asleep” is one of the body melancholic songs released by The Smiths in 1985. The lead singer insists that he is tired and wants to go to bed. The song carries a heavier meaning in that it portrays a character of someone tired and wanting to die and requesting someone to sing for them as they pass away. Its tempo is soft and slow as doses as the convincing lyrics. It employs a slowly played piano that is alluring and hypnotic.

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