The 10 Best Black Label Society Songs of All-Time

Black Label Society

The band known as Black Label Society hails from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1998, by Zakk Wylde (vocals), Nick Catanese (guitar), John DeServio (bass), and Phil Ondich (drums) released their debut album (Sonic Brew). It saw considerable more commercial success than Wylde’s acoustic solo album (Book of Shadows) from 1996. However, their debut album was released in Japan first on October 28th, 1998 due to delays in signing with the record label, Spitfire Records. It wasn’t until May 4, 1999, that the rest of the world would have access to Black Label Society’s first rock music album.

Societal Changes

DeServio left Black Label Society in the year 2000 and was replaced by Steve Gibb. Also in 2000, Ondich was replaced by Craig Nunenmacher. During the Ozzfest 2001 tour, Gibb was temporarily replaced by Mike Inez (from Alice In Chains). Afterward, Robert Trujillo took over as the band’s bassist for the next year. However, Trujillo left the band to join Metallica in 2003. This resulted in Inez returning to Black Label Society just in time to cover their two-week tour. In 2004, James LoMenzo becomes the band’s newest bass player, but only until 2005. A few months later, he joined Megadeath. John DeServi rejoins Black Label Society as their original bassist.

When Wylde toured with Ozzy Osbourne in 2007, Catanese and DeServio both signaled the start of new bands. Come November 2010, Nunenmacher leaves and is replaced by Will Hunt as the band’s next drummer until 2011 when Hunt leaves to record with Evanescence. He was replaced by Johnny Kelly, who filled in to complete the band’s 2011 tour. Later that same year, Mike Froedge joins, as well as returning band member, Catanese. Also in 2011, Chad Szeliga becomes Black Label Society’s newest drummer. As of December 2, 2013, Nick Catanese leaves the band for the final time. Dario Lirana (of Lizzy Borden) becomes their new rhythm guitarist and in 2014, Jeff Fabb replaces Szeliga on drums. Located on Wikipedia, there is actually a chart that shows the many changes of the band’s roster, illustrating Zakk Wylde was the only one that not once departed from Black Label Society, even when he toured with Ozzy Osbourne.

10. House of Doom


This slow, melodic song (House of Doom) comes from the 2004 album (Hanover Music, Volume VI). On the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock Songs Chart, it reached 33rd place. Fans of Black Label Society see Zakk Wylde’s performance in this song showcase just how well-ranged his musical talent is.

9. In This River


The album (Mafia) was released in 2005 and its song (In This River) peaked at #32 on the US Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Top 100 chart. Although this song was written months before the tragic death of Zakk Wylde’s long-time friend, Dimebag Darell (from Pantera), it was later dubbed “Dime’s tune” as what became a staple song to the band’s setlist.

8. Blood Is Thicker Than Water


Many of the most devout fans will classify (Blood Is Thicker Than Water) as their best song of all time. Released in 2004, the song ranked at #31 on the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock Charts. The focus of family is the message this song delivers, which has both fans and critics relating to it in their own way.

7. Room of Nightmares

The year is 2017 and the album (Grimmest Hits) brings forth the song (Room of Nightmares). On the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock Songs Chart, it peaks at #29. The music video related to this song shows Black Label Society had a comedic side to their very serious musical talent.

6. Concrete Jungle


Released with the 2006 album (Shot to Hell) is the song (Concrete Jungle), which reaches 29th spot with the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock Songs Chart. The most common comments shared among their music fans are the guitar riffs that play throughout the entire piece.

5. Parade of the Dead


From their 2010 album (Order of the Black) this song appears on two different top 100 charts. On the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock chart, it reaches #28, and at #24 on the US Active Rock Chart. It is the only song from Black Label Society’s discography roster that has achieved recognition on more than one top 100 music chart.

4. Angel of Mercy


(Catacombs of the Black Vatican) was released in 2014. The song (Angel of Mercy) from the album reaches #27 on the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock Chart. Among their fans, they agree this is a favorite, thanks to the guitar genius Black Label Society is well-known for.

3. Suicide Messiah


On the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock charts, (Suicide Messiah) of the album (Mafia) reached the 24th spot in 2005. The song is reportedly written about Scott Weiland (from Stone Temple Pilots fame) and how the impact of his heroin addiction ultimately crippled him to death.

2. My Dying Time


The album (Catacombs of the Black Vatican) was released in 2014, producing the song (My Dying Time). It peaked on to #17 on the US Billboards Top 100 in their Mainstream Rock charts.

1. Stillborn (with Ozzy Osbourne)


The music video to this song was directed by Rob Zombie and featured his wife, Sheri Moon. (Stillborn) was released with the 2003 album (The Blessed Hellride) and it featured the guest voice talent of Ozzy Osbourne. “Massive and melancholic” is the most common description you will hear from music fans and critics alike. On the US Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Top 100, it peaked at #12.

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