Ranking All the Songs from the No Time to Die Soundtrack

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“No Time to Die” is the latest James Bond film. Released in 2021 after a series of COVID-related delays, the film is the last one in which Daniel Craig will portray the title character. The soundtrack here plays a pivotal role. Each of the songs on the soundtrack are ranked from worst to best and there is a YouTube link for each one. If you haven’t seen the film yet, it might be best to watch the film and experience the songs along with the story as they were intended. If you have a song that you like particularly well, this gives you an opportunity to hear it in its entirety.

21. Gun Barrel (Hans Zimmer)


This is the song that starts at all. It’s seen in the opening scene of the film and it sets the tone for the next two and a half hours. It’s a song that is designed to make you sit on the edge of your seat. You end up feeling like you’re anticipating the next move because that’s what the song makes you feel.

20. Matera (Hans Zimmer)


You see this song when Bond and his significant other are driving into what at first appears to be a quaint town in Italy. Of course, it’s a Bond movie so that turns out to be anything but the case. However, you’re not supposed to know that yet. The song is set at a steady beat, mimicking a heart beat of 66 beats per minute. It’s also performed in the key of E-flat, making it somewhat relaxing. It’s designed to allow you to be in the moment before everything starts getting out of hand.

19. Message From an Old Friend (Hans Zimmer)


You know that any Bond film is going to have some angst in it and this one is no exception. In fact, there’s probably more angst in this film than there is in the three previous films combined. This song takes you back to one of the earlier Daniel Craig films, echoing feelings of an old love interest that went wrong.

18. Square Escape (Hans Zimmer)


Here you have the song that was used for one of the pivotal car chase scenes in the film. It’s the one where Bond ultimately jumps off the bridge and it’s safe to say that it’s enough to induce anxiety in most people who watch it. The music only heightens the senses, making you feel that intensity in a very acute manner.

17. Someone Was Here (Hans Zimmer)


This is an original song, but it also has hints of other famous songs that have been used throughout the Bond franchise. This was done intentionally as a means of honoring Daniel Craig’s time playing the lead character as well as tying all of the Bond films together.

16. Not What I Expected (Hans Zimmer)


This is the song they play as Bond begins what will be perhaps his most important mission ever. It also culminates in his final mission. The song is rather disarming at first, with the beginning involving flutes and accompanying instruments that then build the level of intensity, something you don’t see coming at first.

15. What Have You Done? (Hans Zimmer)


This song sets you on edge from the moment it starts playing. That’s exactly what it’s designed to do. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that it was something coming from some horror film instead of a 007 movie.

14. Shouldn’t We Get To Know Each Other First (Hans Zimmer)


There are many times throughout practically every Bond movie that’s ever existed where you start to see more information coming about the title character and his love interest. This is a song that accompanies this particular scene in the film. It has many elements, and as such, it is very intense at times and other times, it’s very relaxing and tender.

13. Cuba Chase (Hans Zimmer)


Finding the right music to accommodate any type of a chase scene is always a crucial element of bringing the audience into any film. That’s exactly what is being done here. As such, the elements of music are used to heighten your sense of awareness so that you are more acutely aware of what is happening in the film, even to the point of anticipating what might come next.

12. Back to MI6 (Hans Zimmer)


Remember, Bond is returning to an organization that he never wanted to come back to in the first place. The music in this scene reflects the duality that exists when a person knows they have to do something they don’t want to do, yet there is an obligation to do it anyway. If you really listen to the song, you can almost feel it yourself.

11. Good To Have You Back (Hans Zimmer)


This is the song you hear when Bond finally makes the decision that he’s going to commit and come back to the agency as opposed to trying to run away from it all. It’s a pivotal song because it switches gears from someone who is trying to get away from his past to someone who is embracing his future at all costs.

10. Lovely To See You Again (Hans Zimmer)


This is one more song that is featured prominently when Bond decides to go on his last mission. It’s filled with purpose, as there isn’t a single note wasted. As such, it serves as an ideal metaphor for the film itself.

9. Home (Hans Zimmer)


Should Bond embrace everything that has made him the man he has become? He does a lot of soul searching in this film. This is the song that denotes a shift in his thinking as he decides to embrace all the pieces of his life.

8. Norway Chase (Hans Zimmer)


Every car chase needs a good piece of music and this is a near perfect example. As Bond races over the roads in an attempt to escape his would-be killers, this song kicks up the intensity by several notches.

7. Gearing Up (Hans Zimmer)


Here, you see Bond getting ready for his all-important mission. It’s a song that helps advance the plot during a crucial scene, as the audience must see what he’s doing in order to follow along with the remaining portion of the story.

6. Poison Garden (Hans Zimmer)


This is easily some of the most haunting music used throughout the entire film. It tells you that things probably aren’t going to end well for the hero. In addition, the use of several minor notes makes you feel on edge the entire time.

5. The Factory (Hans Zimmer)


This is where you first learn that Bond is being brought back into the agency. In the scene, one of his oldest friends talks him into it. Then, Bond has to watch him die for his efforts.

4. I’ll Be Right Back (Hans Zimmer)


This song takes elements from other major films and combines them together in order to create something completely new. It’s incredibly intense, incorporating strings and horns to get your attention and elevate your emotions to a new high.

3. Opening The Doors (Hans Zimmer)


Oddly enough, many people have commented that this song reminds them of something that would fit well in a “Sherlock Holmes” film. Nevertheless, it also works very well here. As you might have guessed, it’s suspenseful and even slightly playful at times.

2. Final Ascent (Hans Zimmer)


This song accompanies the scene where things start to go very wrong for Bond. It’s one that will make you want to cry, especially when you hear it within the context of the film.

1. No Time To Die (Billie Eilish)


This is the only song in the film with vocals. It also serves as the only licensed music for the film. It was one of the most anticipated songs leading up to its release and received several accolades.

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