Ranking All The Songs from The Black Widow Soundtrack

Black Widow

“Black Widow,” a Marvel film, was ranked as the highest-grossing film of the summer. Lorne Balfe composed the film score Black Widow (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for this great Marvel flick. On July 9, 2021, Hollywood Records released the soundtrack album. The film’s director, Cate Shortland, thought Balfe had composed a “soulful score that is very Russian.” The lyrics of the film score by Balfe were adapted from Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Pushkin, and Mikhail Lermontov’s Russian poetry. The film score was performed by Metro Voices from London, a 60-voice choir performing Russian lyrics, a 20-voice female choir, and a 40-voice male choir. Here is the ranking of all the songs from the Black Widow Soundtrack.

26. A Calling


“A Calling” is one of the people’s favorite soundtracks from the film. “A Calling” was composed by Lorne Balfe for the Black Widow’s album. This track was released in 2021. Fyodor Tyutcher performed the original Russian version of the song.

25. Broken Free


This beautiful composition features a soft guitar that plays from the beginning of the music for two minutes. “Broken Free” is such a catchy track that it attracted many fans’ positive reviews.

24. Into The Past


The final indications of action come through the track “Into The Past” as the record begins to fully shut out. This track features a loud nervous orchestra taking one more final quick bow.

23. Last Love



“Last Love” is a unique soundtrack featuring the singers’ outstanding vocals, making it a masterpiece. Lorne Balfe is a genius in songwriting, and “Last Love” proves this.

22. Natasha Soars


A few seconds into the track, the orchestra virtually explodes with a loudly intense rush of brass, performing Natasha’s theme. This performance is followed by a combination of flurries of the Bond-esque brass and statements of the Russian-esque choir.

21. Faces To The Sun


The keys played in this track are divine and artistic, and the choir harmonies brilliantly stir your emotions. “Faces To The Sun” plays when Yelena saves the other widows in Drakov’s room.

20. The Descent


The orchestral tempo is quickened more in this track. In the performance of “The Descent,” a rare dose of heroism as brass begins to take up the tension with Natasha’s theme held aloft.

19. The Betrayed


The Russian chorus returns to the struggle in “The Betrayed,” accompanied by flurries of David Arnold’s James Bond-esque brass. When the track comes to an end, the tension is amplified substantially.

18. Red Rising


Imposing brass notes and thunderous drum beats kick off this track. The action begins a few seconds in the track, and the tempo quickly picks up. The orchestra is used once more in this song.

17. I Can’t Save Us


The song “I Can’t Save Us” is played when the characters, Alexei and Natasha, are captured in the red room, and he apologizes to her because he thinks they’re going to die; this score begins right when Alexei admits he can’t save them.

16. A Sister Says Goodbye


“A Sister Says Goodbye” begins gently and mournfully with established vocalists and a gentle piano, with the whole chorus eventually finding its way into the track, ending with a loud crescendo.

15. Natasha’s Fragments


This track is short and sweet. “Natasha’s Fragments” returns the film’s music to its original tempo, with Natasha’s theme playing gently and mournfully on delicate strings and faint, ghostly vocals.

14. Arise


“Arise” is performed with the ominous Russian-sounding choir. Their vocals are then followed up by unsettling strings before percussion interjects and begins to build up the tempo throughout the track.

13. Whirlwind


“Whirlwind” begins with a rush of brass and swirls of enthusiastic strings. The orchestra then builds to soar as the music progresses, with style sounding pretty great. The track is similar to that of Balfe’s Tomorrow War score.

12. Blood Ties


The instrumental performance in “Blood Ties” establishes a somber mood, which is later further amplified by louder, extra strings playing near the song’s finish. This is a very emotional track that will stir up your emotions.

11. Hand In Hand



Before the end of this track, the Russian-style vocals reappear momentarily in a dramatic fashion accommodating sad strings and mournful piano notes taking over the tone. “Hand In Hand” is full of intrigue and emotion and contains a lovely guitar performance.

10. From The Shadows


“From The Shadows” is another powerful set piece with quick strings and blasts of assertive brass, but it also accompanies faint murmurs of eerie electronics. This track features an exciting tone with some conceptual content to go along with it.

9. Yelena Belova


This great soundtrack begins with quiet, echoed vocals, followed by a calm piano and gradually swelling brass in the background, until the orchestra suddenly erupts, with bursts of strings accompanied by a powerful-sounding choir.

8. You Don’t Know Me


“You Don’t Know Me” is a short track that emphasizes the negative side of things. Natasha’s lullaby theme plays gently and very morosely on sluggish, melancholy violins in this soundtrack.

7. Dreykov


In this soundtrack, the mood subsequently shifts to a more menacing tone. “Dreykov” begins with quiet strings before ramping up significantly as a loud, threatening chorus begins to chant, accompanied by rumbles of low-pitched percussion.

6. Last Glimmer


“Last Glimmer” is a catchy track containing sad and very emotional parts. You can feel the yearn for a better life when listening to this track. This is quite a great song that was well received by the fans.

5. The First Bite Is The Deepest


This soundtrack creates some tension, and the choir is left in the dust as agitated brass and thunderous percussion take center stage. The intensity of the strings in this song is exhilarating, with those strong accented beats and the horn tones magnificently pushing the tune.

4. The Pursuit


“The Pursuit” gives out an unhappy frame of mind. The choir blends in with the action in this track, interspersing and weaving among the orchestra to give it that now-familiar Russian-esque tone.

3. Fireflies


“Fireflies” begins with delicate piano notes that calm the score down. Strings of hope join in as well. This peaceful optimism lasts for a while before the strings slow down and become a touch melancholy.

2. Latrodectus



At the start of “Latrodectus,” the music sounds more like a standard film soundtrack. Thunderous percussion leads the way here, accompanied by frantic, near-deafening flurries of dramatic, unsettling strings that develop over two minutes until the brass entirely takes over.

1. Natasha’s Lullaby


“Natasha’s Lullaby” kicks off Black Widow. This track is a vocal composition that firmly roots Lorne Balfe’s score in a Russian-esque musical area and hence is perfectly suitable for the lead character, Natasha Romanoff.

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