The 10 Best Keith Urban Songs of All-Time

Keith Urban

Keith Urban is one of the music industry’s most versatile individuals. While he usually sings country songs, he can and does lend his talents to other genres of music from time to time. He has had a career that has spanned over a number of years and in that time, he has had several songs that really hit a chord with fans. Here are 10 of the best Keith Urban songs.

10. ‘Til Summer Comes Around (2009)


It probably won’t surprise you that this song is about love. After all, it’s a country song and a lot of country songs are about love. In this particular song, the individual in question has a job at a boardwalk pier, working to maintain amusement park rides. The entire reason for that job is because he hopes that he will see the love of his life come back every summer. In the song, he is living for those summers and hoping that she will return each year. The song even goes as far as saying that he can see the events unfold in his mind, even in the dead of winter.

9. Making Memories Of Us (2004)


This is one of the sweeter songs on this list. It’s also one that is much happier than a lot of other songs tend to be, especially when you’re talking about country music. It talks about loving someone so completely that it is virtually impossible to imagine a life without that person. The song goes on to discuss the two individuals being together forever, allowing the world to fall away and focusing only on the two of them. There’s even a line in the song that talks about dying in the other person’s arms, because it’s impossible to imagine a life where that person isn’t there. You can bet that anyone who has ever felt that kind of love knows exactly what the song is referring to and how comforting it is to think about spending one’s final moments in the arms of the person they love most.

8. The Fighter (2016)


This is the song that talks about being hurt, both emotionally and physically, in a previous relationship. The person in the song is so scared of being hurt again that they’re reluctant to have another relationship, even though they desperately want to. The song goes on to talk about finding that special someone and how that person will never cause them any harm or sorrow. The song also talks about the individual in question being a warrior who is capable of overcoming their past in order to enjoy the future.

7. Forever (2016)


This is the song that talks about memories of being young, as well as how things have changed as the couple in the song have grown up. It goes on to talk about the fact that the one thing that hasn’t changed is the love that the two of them share for each other and how that love lasts forever, hence the name of the song.

6. One Too Many (2020)


This is a song that talks about losing control, and it features an amazing collaboration with pop singer Pink. In this particular instance, he refers to losing control as a result of alcohol. The song goes on to talk about all of the damage done to that particular individual’s relationships and to his life in general, all at the hands of something that he feels completely powerless to gain control of. He goes on to describe how he doesn’t want to do this to himself or to those around him, yet he feels almost like a helpless spectator who is just watching without the power to do anything to stop it.

5. Stupid Boy (2008)


This is a song that refers to falling in love with someone, but loving them in all the wrong ways. The person in the song is so afraid of losing the person that he loves that he essentially crushes her in every way possible. He refuses to allow her to have any freedom and in the process, destroys the very person that he fell in love with. It serves as a warning to anyone who has a tendency to love someone so much that they won’t allow them the freedom to breathe. It also cautions against the need to possess someone, rather than loving them enough to let them be their own person.

4. Horses (2018)


The title of this song is somewhat confusing because the song isn’t really about horses. Instead, it’s about not allowing the things that scare you to control your life. It talks about that feeling of being afraid and how we all experience it from time to time. It goes on to talk about finding a way to harness that fear in your favor instead of allowing it to control you.

3. You’ll Think Of Me (2002)


This is a song about two people falling out of love. More specifically, it refers to the subject in the song coming home to find that his wife was cheating on him and all of the feelings that he goes through as a direct result of that experience.

2. Somebody Like You (2002)


Here is a song about a person who has struggled with his own demons throughout his life and is finally in a place where he feels like he’s capable of loving another individual. The song continues to talk about him finding the love of his life and how that person changes him even more, helping him realize that he can become the person he’s always wanted to be.

1. Blue Ain’t Your Color (2016)


Finally, this is a song about observing a person who seems to be very sad and alone. The song talks about developing a relationship with that particular individual as a means of helping that person feel better and ultimately, about falling in love.

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