10 Awesome Songs About Being on Vacation


Getting away on a relaxing vacation is something we all need now and then. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for us to take time off when we want. Whether you’re preparing for your next adventure or you want to feel like you’re sitting on the beach, there are plenty of excellent songs that can get you in the mood. Here are ten awesome songs about being on vacation.

10. Kid Rock – All Summer Long


Summer holds a special place in your heart when you’re young. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long is a superb homage to that feeling of carefree excitement that you can only get on vacation when you’re young. Incorporating both Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama, this is an incredible blend of nostalgic music and new lyrics. All Summer Long can take you back to that simple joie de vivre that comes from feeling free. If you want to recapture a sense that all the world’s possibilities are laid out before you, and there’s nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the day, this is the song that will do it.

9. Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation


Aerosmith always has a sense of humor in its music. Permanent Vacation is all about getting away from the crowds and nonsense that make up daily life. Saint Tropez and Montego Bay always sound like nicer places to be. Doubtless, touring all year is exhausting even if you love rock and roll and living the wild life.

8. Vampire Weekend – Holiday


Holiday was the third single on the album Contra in 2010. The happy pop sound is contagiously cheerful, and the guitar has a distinctly beachy feel. Despite the bikini-clad women, pool parties, and convertible in the video, Holiday was used for Christmas season advertising by Honda and Tommy Hilfiger.

7. Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems


When you’re ready to head south and kick your shoes off at a lovely beach or resort in Mexico, Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems is the vibe. There’s nothing wrong with working hard as long as you know how to take a break sometimes. Listen to this with a fruity drink in your hand, and it will make even the coldest January day feel a little closer to that summer vacation you’ve been saving for. As Outsider points out, the album that shares this song’s name won two CMA awards. Kenny’s biggest problem was what to wear when he took the stage, and you can capture that feeling too if you close your eyes.

6. Dirty Heads – Vacation


Anyone who is all about vacation life or lucky enough to love their job is familiar with Dirty Heads Vacation. A word of warning, there is an explicit version of Vacation. Be careful which one you have before you blast this in front of your kids or boss. However, clean or dirty, Vacation is the epitome of relaxed beach life, and it belongs on any vacay soundtrack.

5. Blake Shelton – Some Beach


Blake Shelton’s third number one hit, Some Beach, is the perfect country song to get you to your vacation destination. The entire piece is about how much he’d rather be on vacation with a nod to the classic Margaritaville. City living is fine, but nothing beats a beach chair and a shady umbrella.

4. Little Big Town – Pontoon


Most vacation songs are about the beach or partying all night under palm trees, and some are about islands, but there are no other songs about partying on pontoon boats. Although most southerners can tell you that this is the summer vacation activity for rivers and lakes when you’re young, no one had ever written a song about it until Little Big Town. Pontoon was the band’s first number-one hit.

3. Weezer – Island In The Sun


Island in the Sun has always been one of Weezer’s biggest hits, but it was also their biggest hit outside the US and made the top fifty in France and the UK. Moreover, this is one of the only songs to have two different music videos. The widely recognized second version directed by Spike Jonze was on MTV, but only the original video has the whole band in it.

2. Jimmy Buffett – Margaritaville


In 2016 Margaritaville was (finally) inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. The song was thirty-nine years old at the time, which means people have been sitting on their front porch swings, strumming their six strings along to this vacation classic for almost forty-five years now. Few songs are so good they manage to turn into a restaurant chain, but Margaritaville has had more merch and marketing than any other song and is often hailed as ‘the most lucrative song ever.’ It’s not hard to see why this laid-back classic is perfect for relaxing poolside, beachside, or anywhere else you need a chill vacation vibe.

1. The Beach Boys – Kokomo

The ultimate beach vacation hit has always been The Beach Boys Kokomo. Conjuring images of a Caribbean paradise, the fictional island of Kokomo is one of the most well-known in the world because of this song. Although there have been numerous places named Kokomo after this song, the original was just an idyllic, imagined location. According to Definitions, the only way to find the mythic island of Kokomo is to be pure of heart. Kokomo was featured in the movie Cocktail, starring a young Tom Cruise.

And of course – higher than #1 – Vacation by The Go Go’s


You didn’t think we’d forget this one did you?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after listening to this list, you’ll be able to feel the breeze on your face. Music like this is perfect for driving to your favorite destination, chilling on the sand, or relaxing in your room, and daydreaming about palm trees and ocean breezes, or whatever your preferred vacay spot happens to be. Resort, or tent, luxe lifestyle, or staycation, these songs will make any day feel like a break from the hectic working world.

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