The 10 Best Angels and Airwaves Songs of All-Time

Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves

Prior to the official formation of Angels and Airwaves out of San Diego, California, founding member Tom DeLonge had already begun working on new material when Blink-182 was doing their final tour as a band in 2004. In the meantime, he had been busy working out a logo for his new band. It eventually looked like AVA when DeLonge flipped the A in the word “and” upside down, Ava is the name of Tom DeLonge’s daughter. As rumors of Blink-182’s breakup lingered, DeLonge remained quiet until September 2005. It was at that time he revealed to Kerrang! Magazine where he publicly unveiled the name of his new band, Angels and Airwaves. Joining Tom DeLonge to form this band was his long-time friend, guitarist David Kennedy. Drummer Atom Willard and guitarist Ryan Sinn are also part of AVA’s original line-up.

Like DeLonge, each member joining with him to form this band came from famous rock groups of their own. Despite Tom DeLonge reuniting with Blink-182 in 2009, as well as some line-up changes, Angels and Airwaves continue to record and tour. Once his former band was officially disbanded in 2015, DeLonge began to focus more exclusively on Angels and Airwaves. In addition to producing alternative rock music, the band has also engaged in film and television. Released on DVD on June 17, 2008, was a documentary (Start the Machine) that focused on the breakup of Blink-182 and the spawning of Angels and Airwaves. The documentary was filmed over a course of nearly three years. In addition to their involvement with the documentary series, Angels and Airwaves took part in a special concert titled Love Live, which was streamed live on August 10, 2011.

This concert revolved around a science fiction film (Love) that starred actor Gunner Wright. And, in late 2014, Angels and Airwaves also released a short animated film (Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker), which supported the release of their album (The Dream Walker). So far, the discographic portfolio of Angels and Airwaves has a total of six studio albums, a compilation album, four EPs, and two DVDs. The band is still together, with the exception of Ryan Sinn and Atom Willard no longer part of its original line-up. The current roster of Angels and Airwaves still includes Tom DeLonge and David Kennedy, but are now accompanied by Ilan Rubin and Matt Rubano.

10. The Wolfpack


Despite not reaching any of the top-ranking music charts, the single (The Wolfpack) from the 2014 album (The Dream Walker) showcases what makes Angels and Airwaves the elite alternative rock band they are. The song has a spacey feel to it, something of which their fans appreciate as they comment about it often.

9. Kiss & Tell


From the 2019 album (Lifeforms), comes the song (Kiss & Tell) and it peaks on the US Hard Rock & Alternative Songs chart at #39. According to many of their fans, Angels and Airwaves prove themselves as legends within the alternative rock music scene. Prior to the song’s official release, tiny portions of Kiss & Tell were used in promotional bits as teasers to hype up their fans through their social media profiles. The hype worked, as it not only boosted this song’s popularity but the entire album as a whole, as well as their 2019 North American Tour that followed.

8. Secret Crowds


Released from their 2007 album (I-Empire), comes the single (Secret Crowds), which peaks to #32 on the US Alternative Airplay chart. With over ten million views on YouTube of the song’s official music video and positive reviews from both music fans and critics of the alternative rock music genre, this song has proven to be a cult favorite.

7. Rebel Girl


Angels and Airwaves released on April 30, 2019, the single (Rebel Girl) from the album (Lifeforms). Music critics mostly gave the song positive feedback, and it did chart to #31 with the US Alternative Airplay. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, it is a pulsing love song that bellows over the melange of synthetic sounds.

6. Paper Thin (with Illenium)


From the 2020 album (Fallen Embers) comes the released single (Paper Thin) from Angels and Airwaves. With the collaborative effort from Nicholas D. Miller (also known as Illenium), the popularity of this song among alternative rock music fans continues to climb.

5. Do It For Me Now


AVA’s debut album (We Don’t Need to Whisper) presents the single (Do It For Me Now), which charts to #21 with US Alternative Airplay. There is a strong spacey alternative rock feel to the song, which is the trademark Angels and Airwaves is best known for.

4. Surrender


Peaking at #35 on the US Alternative Airplay chart, as well as #48 on the US Hard Rock & Alternative Songs Chart is the single (Surrender) that comes from their 2011 album (Love II). It is a highly favored piece by their music fans, most of whom find it to be a source of their inspiration whenever they encounter personal issues of their own where they’re reminded surrender is not an option.

3. The War


Angels and Airwaves release their fourth song (The War) from their 2006 debut album and it finds itself charted twice, first at #19 on the US Alternative Airplay and second at #86 with the UK Singles Chart. The focus of this song revolves around the invasion of Normandy during World War II. What added to the song’s popularity was a speech made by Tom DeLonge during the bridge as they performed The War on tour. Although no official music video was ever produced to accompany the song, it does feature its own short film, featuring a futuristic environment that is engaged in some kind of war.

2. Everything’s Magic


Released in 2007, the single (Everything’s Magic) comes from their second studio album (I-Empire). It reached #11 with the US Alternative Airplay chart, #92 on the US Pop 100, and #107 on the UK Singles Chart. According to Punk News, Everything’s Magic is deemed as a “memorable and fun song”, as well as reminiscent of Blink-182’s era. With over 14 million views by YouTubers, it appears the fans find the song memorable and fun, too.

1. The Adventure


(The Adventure) is their first released single from their first studio album (We Don’t Need to Whisper), which came out in 2006. The song peaked at #5 on the US Alternative Airplay chart, #20 with the UK, #47 with the Irish Singles Chart, #57 with the US Pop 100, #55 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and #82 with Germany’s GfK Entertainment charts. The Adventure was originally released on February 20, 2006, as a black and white, internet-only science fiction short film. The punk song’s popularity soared after it was played during the trailer of the Smallville television series. Even Tom DeLonge admits The Adventure is his favorite song from this band’s musical resume so far.

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