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Eminem Releases New Clip and LP: Music to Be Murdered By – Side B’ Deluxe Edition

Eminem, the living legend of the hip-hop and music world released a surprise LP at midnight. We have collected detailed information about the LP for you.

He released the Kamikaze album in 2018 and caused controversy in the music market. Eminem’s album, which criticizes Mumble Rap and new current rappers, was talked about a lot on social media.

This year had started pretty fast for Eminem. He released an album titled ‘Music to be Murdered by’ on January 17th. His fans thought there would be a break after this album, but this week excited them. Because for a week there were rumors about a new LP.

In an earlier interview, Eminem had stated that there was no thought about part 2 yet.
“I don’t really have anything coming up next, to be honest, just whatever videos come along,” he said. “We have nothing written in stone just yet.”

One of the leaks was the release of LP’s agreement paper.

After that, Eminem shared the LP’s album cover on his Twitter account. As a result, Eminem released an LP of 13 songs and 3 skits last night. Collaborators include Dr. Dre (rapping on “Guns Blazing” and co-producing “Discombobulated”), Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Premier, and Skylar Grey.

You can listen to ‘Music to Be Murdered By–Side B’ Deluxe Edition’ below!

A new clip from Eminem “GNAT”

The clip, released today on December 18, contains a lot of messages about the pandemic.

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