The 10 Best Rob Zombie Songs of All-Time

Rob Zombie

This is a list of the ten songs from Rob Zombie’s vast repertoire that I think are some of his best. Whether you’re new to Rob Zombie or just a music enthusiast, or even both, this will give you more insight into these songs. Rob Zombie is a horror rock musician who has always left me with an eerie sense of doom and intrigue because he creates such infectious sounds and lyrics with rock/metal undertones. His interest in the horror film genre bleeds into his music in a way that’s garnered him a cult-like following, which only adds to his allure.

10. Two-Lane Blacktop


Two-Lane Blacktop showcases Zombie’s ability to create haunting, mellow music yet also write about something that actually has a deeper meaning. The song is named after the 1971 film, but the lyrics are much more visceral than anything that the movie actually covers in its composition. The guitar work on this track is absolutely stellar, the chorus is very catchy and Zombie’s vocals are spot on.

9. Iron Head


This is one of those songs that you can listen too while it’s raining and get a totally different vibe compared to when it’s sunny. There’s a cameo from Ozzy Osbourne, which sets the track apart from all others. The instrumentals on this track are absolutely unique and the chorus is absolutely catchy. This song also has plenty of visual appeal, as Zombie paints the song with images from classic horror movies and manages to make them stand out well.

8. Demon Speeding


This song is a definite head-banger, with a haunting chorus of “drive” and an infectious beat. The guitar riffs are very reminiscent of older rock & roll songs and the tone used in the song is somewhat similar to that as well. Zombie’s vocals are once again spot-on and he uses his voice to its full potential like he does all throughout his whole catalog. The song’s lyrical content seem to be in reverence of drag racing, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

7. Sick Bubblegum


This song is one of Zombie’s most subtle and emotional songs to date. It’s a track that takes you on a journey, with Zombie using his keyboard and synthesizer to create something that is very delicate but also serious and dark at the same time. The track does have its upbeat moments, but overall it’s a dramatic song that seems to demonstrate his ability to work with so many different genres of music while still sounding very cohesive.

6. Feel So Numb


This is another song that makes you feel. It has a very subtle melody and message, but the mournful sound of Zombie’s acoustic guitar, the lyrics of the track, and the occasional background vocals leave you to wonder what his lyrics mean. The song is very sad and lonely, yet you can also tell that he means to convey this message in such a subtle way that it truly gets to you.

5. Dragula


This is a song that Zombie has played live for quite some time. It’s very upbeat and sticks with you after the first listen. The instrumental is a mix between rock, pop, and punk, yet it still manages to stand out as its own unique song. Zombie’s vocals are very catchy and his lyrics are in tune with the music, which are both factors that make the track successful. The chorus is probably the most memorable part of the song, making it an incredibly effective hit.

4. Living Dead Girl


Arguably one of Rob Zombie’s most popular songs, Living Dead Girl is a track that showcases just how much Zombie is able to craft songs from so many different genres while making them suitable for his style of music. The song is an 80’s-esque, synth-laced track with a dark and haunting instrumental that speaks of a somewhat tragic love story. Zombie’s vocals are also high pitched in parts, which make the song even more surreal.

3. Never Gonna Stop


This is one of Zombie’s most well-known songs, and for good reason. The song is upbeat, catchy, and has a great sense of energy to it. The song also serves as an effective intermission to the album, ‘The Sinister Urge”, with its fast pace and memorable chorus. The track also has another theatrical zombie twist to it with the sound effects and Zombie’s vocals that prove Zombie is a master of melody when he wants to be.

2. Superbeast


The instrumental for this song is extremely addictive and the energy that flows through the track is infectious. The chorus of “Superbeast” is one of Zombie’s best, yet it never gets old because it’s so catchy and spot-on. Zombie manages to combine the song’s intensity with his ability to write catchy choruses and make something that you’ll probably always go back to, which means that Zombie also succeeded in creating great music from awesome results.

1. More Human Than Human


While technically from his first project White Zombie, this song is quintessential Rob Zombie in almost every way. It’s a track that has really stood the test of time and is Zombie’s most successful track to date. The song is a dance-y/industrial track that has a very catchy chorus and instrumental. Zombie’s vocals are also very deep in this song for some reason, which makes it even more effective. This is Rob Zombie’s best song and most recognizable, making it the one that probably helped him gain such a massive fan base.

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