The 10 Best Colbie Caillat Songs of All-Time

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Colbie Caillat songs cover such topics as the value of self love, joy of impending nuptials, to the emotional anguish surrounding breakups. Her voice is soft and supple to the ear, yielding to the emotion she puts forth. Her delivery is never flabby or limp, but instead flexible, deliberate and delicate. Colbie was ‘discovered’ on MySpace by followers who quickly became her fans, which in turn led to the creation of her debut album, Coco. To those who have a healthy respect for good, acoustic folk/pop music in this day and age, her songs are an answer to their prayers. Colbie is true to herself, whether people like it or not. She’s no problem with joining in duets with Common or Mraz, and can do so without fear of loosing herself in their shadows.

10. I Never Told You


“I Never Told You” comes off of Caillat’s sophomore album, Breakthrough. This track rains bittersweet droplets of regret, in a style only Caillat can do. Her breezy, relaxed vocals tell the story of an individuals anguish when the memory of a past love graces her thoughts, and how she never told him how she really felt when she had the chance. Released in 2010 as a single, This iconic anthem to a love now lost was composed by Colbie Caillat, Kara DioGuardi and Jason Reeves, and peaked on Billboards Adult Pop songchart at number 3.

9. Try


2014’s “Try” saw Colbie work with famed R&B record producer Babyface for the first time. According to Caillat, “He’s one of my favorite producers… “He can make any style production he wants. He’s done Boyz II Men and all these R&B records, then he has worked with Barbra Streisand and Ariana Grande. Now, he’s working with me.” The track “Try” is about the importance of self-acceptance and self-love, without seeking approval of others. The message is about “being enough”, just as you are. The track comes off her fifth studio album, Gypsy Heart, and peaked at number 4 on Billboards US Adult Contemporary chart.

8. Fallin’ For You


This gem comes off of Colbie’s 2009 album, Breakthrough. “Fallin’ For You” contains all the right ingredients needed to make a classy, well-balanced pop song. Colbie’s voice reflects the joy and love that she sings about in such a lively way, that the listener is immediately swept up in a swirl of fresh emotions, which convey Colbie’s ability to play for keeps. Composed by Colbie and Rick Nowels, Colbie explains the meaning of this track, “about falling for a guy I was friends with. We went out on a date and I realized that there was no one else in the room. The room was silent, and I was on this high from it the next day and wrote this song.”

7. Favorite Song


“Favorite Song” came off her 2011 album, All of You, and presents us with a sweet vocal volley between Colbie’s gentle sway and Common’s rhythmic rap. This unlikely pairing between two talented musicians proved to be one that was enjoyed by fans of both parties. According to Colbie, This is how it all came about, “We actually sang together for a Grammy-in-the-round thing at House of Blues in Hollywood over a year ago, and he was sitting next to me. They had him do ‘The Light,’ and he asked me to sing the chorus part. I was like, ‘Oh my god, you don’t understand, I love you. This is my favorite song.’ So, in front of the whole audience I sang it with him and then after he’s like, ‘Wow, I love your voice, we should totally do something together.’ It took about eight months to a year for anything to happen, but Ryan Tedder and I had a writing session, and I was like, ‘Can we bring Common in with us because I think it can be a cool mix?’ So the three of us wrote together in LA, and we came up with a great song and it’s worked out in the right time.”The song is about someone that wishes to be another’s ‘favorite song’, to be the object of their affection, and peaked at the number 21 spot on Billboards Adult Top 40 chart.

6. Begin Again


In “Begin Again” the narrator realizes that some mistakes were made in the relationship, and has learned from them. As such she wants to get back together for a second try. Taken off her album, Breakthrough, this track was the result of Colbie, and friend Jason Reeves spending 3 weeks at a “writing camp” in Hawaii. According to Caillat, “I was writing with Jason [Reeves] when I came home from tour, and he was hanging out with Kara in the studio. She ended up adding this amazing part to one of my songs and I got along with her really well, so I was like, ‘Do you want to come to Hawaii with us? Let’s make this a group thing.’ I think opening your mind to new things is great, especially for me trying to grow as an artist.”

5. I Do


Whereas many love songs speak of the beginning, “I Do” takes it one step further: The future. This is more a song of impending nuptials rather than a simple crush. Composed by Colbie and Toby Gad, the song comes off her 2011 album, All of You. The song is dynamic, spirited, and vigorous, but in a soft, gentle way. Energetic? Yes, but nothing is forced. It flows in good form, easy and intentional, and peaked on the Billboard Adult Top 40 at the number 7 position,

4. Realize


“Realize” comes off her 2007 debut album, Coco, and tells The story of love that grows between best friends. The song was the second single from Coco, following “Bubbly” and peaked at number 6 on Billboards US Adult Top 40 chart. Performed in the style of acoustic folk, The singer wishes that the man she’s got a crush on, realizes that he probably feels the same way. When he does, they’ll have a happy future together.

3. Brighter Than The Sun


Colbie composed this song with Ryan Tedder, member of the band OneRepublic. It concerns her real life experiences with boyfriend Justin Young. “I wrote most of this album about us, our ups and downs. All the songs are about life experiences, so I guess this record is more grown up, with a somewhat wiser perspective.” “Brighter Than The Sun” hit number 1 in Billboards US Adult Contemporary chart. Released for digital download in 2011, The track can be found on her third studio album, All of You.

2. Lucky


“Lucky” is a charming composition by singer-songwriter Jason Mraz and performed as a duet with Colbie Caillat. The song had a laid-back beauty to it, a sweet and gentle melody which mirrored the vocal styles of both quite nicely. The song charted at number 9 in Billboard’s Adult Top 40 chart, and received the 2010 Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. According to Mraz, neither singers label was keen on the idea of the project, so they composed the song via email.

1. Bubbly


“Bubbly” is a wonderful, radio-friendly track by Colbie, which emphasizes joy, freedom and love. According to Colbie herself, “It’s about the feelings you get when you have a crush on someone and they make you smile all the time. They give you butterflies and you just adore everything they do.” The song, composed by Colbie and Jason Reeves, comes off her 2007 Debut album, Coco. Interesting fact, her dad, Ken Caillat, did the mixing for the song.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our presentation of the 10 best Colbie Caillat songs so far. When we say ‘so far’ we do so knowing that such a bright and intuitive musician as Caillat won’t be resting on her laurels for much longer. As anyone can tell, she’s a fountain of musical inspiration, and will continue to gift the world with her interpretation of all that it encompasses. For now, we’ll just have to wait on her next project, whether it be a composition with her band, Gone West, or a duet, or perhaps another solo venture. Whatever Colbie has in her sites, we know it will be something special.

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