The 10 Best Seether Songs of All-Time


The group Seether started in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1999 with founding members, vocalist and guitarist Shaun Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart, drummer John Humphrey, and rhythm guitarist Corey Lowery. In 2000, they released Fragile. Despite South Africa’s preference for pop and indigenous music, the group’s album charted well, even reaching Wind-Up records based in the United States. According to IMDB, after seeing it listed on a sound-effects CD, the group initially chose Saron Gas as their name. After signing with Wind-up Records, they changed their name for better marketability since saron gas is for biological warfare. Seether released an EP and toured on Ozzfest before their first album, “Disclaimer,” dropped. The group embarked on a tour with Evanescence, Shaun Morgan, and frontwoman Amy Lee, who collaborated on one of their singles.

Even though the group was starting to gain a following, the extended tour halted studio production. Even though they released several songs for the “Punisher Soundtrack,” the group didn’t release a full album until Karma and Effect in May 2005, debuting in the top ten. They followed it up with “One Cold Night” in 2006. After its release, Morgan broke up with Amy Lee and entered rehab. However, Seether released “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces” the following year. In 2009, they returned to the studio with producer Brendan O’Brien for their fifth album, “Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray,” which dropped in 2011.

They released “Isolate and Medicate,” the group’s first number-one Billboard Album on Alternative and Rock charts three years later. The group released “Poison the Parish” in 2017. During the tour for this album, they bring in another guitarist Clint Lowery and Corey Lowery, who later became the group’s second guitarist. They recorded their 2019 album, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” which means if you want peace, prepare for war in Nashville, and released it in 2020. The group’s latest effort is “Wasteland: The Purgatory,” which dropped in 202 1. Purgatory group has enjoyed a career lasting over two decades. They’ve kept the same rock alternative sound throughout their catalog while evolving it to meet and exceed musical trends. Over the years, they released many hits and enjoying a substantial amount of chart success. These are the 10 best Seether songs of all-time.

10. Dangerous


This song is on the group’s latest release, “Si Vis Pacem, Pa Bellum.” Like many other songs on the album, this one deals with overreliance on technology, creating a downfall in society. The song topped the Mainstream Rock Charts, the seventh for the group.

9. Nobody Praying for Me


Unlike many other songs, Morgan had the chorus and the melody when he started writing this song. Additionally, he had several different versions and wasn’t sure which he would use until they recorded the song.

8. Rise Above This


Morgan wrote this song about his brother Eugene right before he committed suicide in August 2007. Unlike many of his other songs where he thought more about his fans’ likes, Morgan wrote the song’s lyrics from a much deeper place. Additionally, even though the lyrics were heart wrenching, he chose to thread a sense of hope and optimism through them.

7. Words as Weapons


While writing songs for “Isolate and Medicate,” Shaun Morgan spent a lot of time alone in a small studio he built. The lyrics in this song are about the power words have and the overall creative process.

6. Walk Away From The Sun


It took many years to rework this song before it appeared on an album. The group started playing the guitar riff during jam sessions but couldn’t find the lyrics to accompany it. After Morgan got out of rehab, he had the riff in his head, and from there, the song wrote itself.

5. Fine Again


Morgan wrote this song to cope with his parent’s divorce and feeling caught in the middle. The song ended up being the first release from the group. During their earlier days, many felt the group sounded a lot like Nirvana. The group was with the same label as Drowning Pool, whose lead singer Dave Williams died in 2002 while Seether recorded their first album. Later, they dedicated this song to Williams.

4. Country Song


The group titled the song after the guitar intro, which sounded more country, unlike other songs in their catalog. When Morgan wrote the song, he felt he was starting to evolve and make decisions that better suited his life. Additionally, the group felt calling the song “Country Song” paid homage to Nashville, where they recorded the album. This song was one of the reasons “Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray” debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200.

3. Remedy


Shaun Morgan has had public addiction issues, even spending time in rehab. The lyrics in this song reflect how using can seem like a solution. As the song progresses, the second half of the chorus speaks to freeing yourself from the powerful grip using can have on you. Morgan’s girlfriend at the time, Amy Lee, made an appearance in the video.

2. Fake It


Initially, the group didn’t think the song made the album because they felt it was too different from others. However, they made a wise choice and added the music. “Fake It” topped the Mainstream Rock charts for fourteen weeks and become Seether’s first #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, replacing Foo Fighter’s previous record with “The Pretender.”

1. Broken


This song is from the group’s first album on Windup Records. According to Ultimate Guitar, he wrote it for his daughter. When he left South Africa to pursue music, she was a newborn. He knew he needed to go to make a better life for himself and her. Later, Seether released it on “The Punisher Soundtrack.” Then girlfriend Amy Lee sang with Morgan as well as wrote the instrumentation on the song.

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