The 10 Best Enterprise Earth Songs of All-Time

Enterprise Earth

Enterprise Earth has perfected the art of transforming grimy death metal into mental weapons that make their way right into the minds of those who they find on their path. Led by former Infant Annihilator vocalist Dan Watson and BJ Sampson, Enterprise Earth is a death metal band formed in mid-2014. The band’s name came from Watson, who was inspired by his obsession with Illuminati and the conspiracy theories. After releasing their first single, “Masquerade of Angels,” the band gained a huge instant following on the internet. The band later made a deal to sign Chris Fonzak from Attila before leaving their former record label We Are Triumphant to Chris Fonzak’s label Stay Sick Records. Since 2014, the band has released three studio albums, 2 EPs and 12 singles. The band is currently composed of four band members: Dan Watson (Vocals), Gabe Mangold (Guitars), Rob Saireh (Bass), and Brandon Zackey, who is the drummer. With album releases such as “Luciferous,” released in 2019, Enterprise Earth has kept every modern deathcore fan on their lips. The album combines the band’s traditional deathcore sound with a technical execution that captivates their music. The band’s recent releases have shifted from the black metal elements to more technical tracks with heavy accentuation to atonal melodies. If you are a huge fan of modern deathcore, the best Enterprise Earth songs of all time will get you going. If you haven’t heard much of them, we got you! We have come up with a list of ten of the band’s best songs.

10. Ashamed To Be Human


Rounding up the top 10 Enterprise Earth Songs of all time is “Ashamed To Be Human,” the fifth track off their album, “Luciferous.” The lyrics of the song just go to show how good of a lyricist Dan Watson is. His shriek over the loud blast and heavy guitar in the song’s lyrics are great.

9. We Are Immortal


Most fans will agree that “Luciferous” was one of the best death metalcore albums of all time. And we cannot get enough of it. Even the older generation of death metalheads who have constantly worried about this new generation of death metal will appreciate the track “We Are Mortal.” Gabe Mangold’s acoustic guitar and Dan Watson’s orgasmic highs and lows feature prominently in the track, making it feature in our top ten Enterprise Earth songs of all time.

8. Foundation of Bones


Enterprise Earth deserves a lot of recognition for “Foundation of Bones,” which was an EP released on 19th June 2020 via Entertainment One (eOne). The EP served as a link between their album “Luciferous” into efforts for their forthcoming LP. The idea of the EP came after the band retired home from their canceled tour. The self-produced EP had Dan Watson on the vocals while Brandon Zackey recorded the drums. Although they did not intend to show anything with the release of the EP, they learned that they could self-produce, which has been vital to their career.

7. Theophany


“Theophany” was the second track from Enterprise Earth’s 2015 album “Patient 0”. The track features some high-pitched screams from Dan Watson, and the song’s ending is quite incredible. The track is a direct sequel to the Shallow Breath sequel where a girl who wants to kill herself is admitted to an asylum where experiments are conducted on (Patient 0) before they are disposed of. The lyrics of the track are incredible and are akin to a horror movie.

6. Shroud of Flesh


The fifth spot in our list of the best Enterprise Earth song goes to “Shroud of Flesh.” The song was released back in 2017 from the album “Embodiment,” a breath of fresh air for all death metalcore fans. The song structure is great, and the rejuvenating melodies are refreshing.

5. Morten Incarnatum


Dan Watson was always a loner growing up. Not because he was weird or different, but because he loathed the mainstream media culture. He didn’t like the whole idea of following mainstream instructions to fit in. That is how “Morten Incarnatum” came about. The lyrics goes like, “They can’t think on their own, yet they perceive like they are alone.”

4. Sleep Is For The Dead


Many people claim that most Enterprise Earth songs are similar, and you might think this track passes a similar message to the last. However, if you are keen enough, you will realize that there is always something that sets them apart from each other. “Sleep Is For The Dead” talks about understanding that the world cannot solve answers or solutions to your problems, but rather you have them within yourself. The range in this track is excellent, and the high screams are exceptional.

3. He Exists


“He Exists” is another amazing single from the album “Luciferous.” The concept behind the video of this track shows an extreme example of role reversal whereby you might think that you are watching the video of a woman chained in a chair but the narrative changes midway. The vocals of Dan Watson shine through the song, and the rest of the band’s technical and creative instrumentation is top-notch.

2. Scars of The Past


“Scars of The Past” is an explosion of groove-driven, explosion of emotion, and blasting death metal that will have you on edge from start to finish. The track starts slowly with a genre staple and a soothing guitar before kicking into high gear with a high crane riff. The song is about past mistakes that haunt us with pain that can be felt at present.

1. The Failsafe Fallacy


Many people consider “Luciferous” as the best deathcore album of 2019. Dan takes his vocal style to a new realm in this track while Gabe Mangold produces some absolutely crazy guitar tunes. The rhythm changes and the double bass in the song are flawless. “The Failsafe Fallacy” easily takes our top spot.

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