The 10 Best Angelina Jordan Songs of All-Time

Angelina Jordan

Angelina Jordan is accustomed to the intense public limelight despite her young age. Angelina Jordan has performed for world leaders at some of Europe’s most prominent events, appeared in European and North American media, and gradually charmed a growing fan base along the way. She emerged as the winner of Norway’s Got Talent in 2014, performing a set of jazz tunes at eight. 

On the show, Angelina Jordan performed an understated, abbreviated version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which received a “golden buzzer” and impressed Queen and the judges. After the show, Jordan wrote a book about her experience on the show, making her the youngest published author in Norway.

She was also featured playing the role of a girl singing in a bar in the final episode of the Netflix series “Lilyhammer.” Angelina Jordan was born in Oslo, Norway. She started her piano lessons and vocal training while participating in the after-school program. Angelina Jordan has released one album, titled, It’s Magic, two EPs, and numerous digital singles.

In 2020, Jordan announced that she had signed with a record label called Republic Records, where she released her first single, “Million Miles.” This article will count down the ten best Angelina Jordan songs of all time.

10. Summertime

The number ten song on our list of the best Angelina Jordan’s songs is one of the songs that received many positive reviews from her fans. Like any other song she has released, “Summertime” also proves Jordan is extremely talented. Her performance of the song gives you a feeling of melancholy and longing. Angelina Jordan released “Summertime” in 2016, two years after Norway’s Got Talent. Many people couldn’t help but note the maturity in her vocal richness, looks, stage appearance, and improved performance level on this track.

9. White Christmas

Angelina Jordan released “White Christmas” in 2014. Angelina Jordan’s version of this song is the first outstanding song since Bing Crosby’s classic. This beautiful track is about wishing for a perfect Christmas like the one she knew in the past. She also wishes to write cards to her loved ones in the song, wishing them bright and merry days. Many are attracted to this song by Jordan’s beautiful, authentic voice.

8. My Way

“My Way” was originally composed and released by Frank Sinatra, one of the greatest musical artists of the 20th century. There are many versions of “My Way” released by different artists in the music industry. Angelina Jordan jumped on the opportunity and released her version, which was unique, low-key, melancholy, and compelling. While she performs this great single, she sings with a feeling and understanding of music that is much beyond her age.

7. Fly Me To The Moon

“Fly Me to the Moon” was originally written in 1954 and the first recording of the song was done the same year. In Angelina Jordan’s version of this charming song, she sounds like a soul who has already lived five lifetimes and truly knows and understands what love is supposed to be and feel like. This ballad is about the singer expressing how they feel toward their lovers. Jordan’s version of the song appears to be many people’s favourite version of the song, receiving many positive reviews from her fans.

6. A Million Years Ago

Adele and Greg Kurstin originally wrote “A Million Years Ago” for Adele’s third studio album, 25, in 2007. Angelina Jordan collaborated with the talented guitarist Ivan Mendez to release a different version of the song, which was well-received. In the performance of this track, Jordan appears to be a soul communicator as she sings from her soul to the souls of others. Angelina Jordan’s unique and outstanding voice, attitude, outfit, personality, and beauty are incomparable.

5. Young And Beautiful

The number five song on our list is written by Lana Del Rey and Rick Nowels but sung by Angelina Jordan. Angelina’s rendition of this song is absolutely beautiful. The techniques she uses are out of this world, making it sound perfect. This talented beauty is an absolute pleasure and a real treasure. She brings so much pressure to her fans with her phenomenal artistry. When you carefully listen to the lyrics of “Young And Beautiful,” you will be able to note that this track perfectly describes Angelina Jordan.

4. You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

Angelina Jordan released “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine” in 2019. Listening to Angelina sing this beautiful track is like being in a beautiful meadow with green grass, bright, colourful flowers, and trees with glistening green leaves. Her natural sultry, smokey voice, as in each of her songs, stands out in this track. Angelina Jordan makes each cover song that she sings her own through her improvisation and interpretation of that song, just as she did superbly with this song.

3. Love Story

This unique ballad is about the singer describing how good love can be and how love stories can be sweet to listen to. There’s so much emotion and passion as Angelina Jordan sings on this beautiful track, making it magical. Her “Love Story” performance is excellent and is among the best versions of the song.

2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Angelina Jordan sings “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” in the finals of America’s Got Talent. Angelina Jordan doesn’t just sing the song; she crawls right inside and lives every note. In the song, Jordan sounds mystical, like a performance you would expect to see in a smoky bar in the ’50s. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” definitely qualifies to be one of the best songs performed by Angelina Jordan.

1. Someone Like you

The number one and two songs on our list of the greatest Angelina Jordan Songs were always going to be a close call between “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and “Someone Like You.” However, we have to give this wonderful soulful track. The original version of the song was written and produced by Adele. The song is basically about a boyfriend who broke up with Adele.

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  1. Those are great selection, but I would put Stay, Bohemian Rhapsody, Yesterday, My Happy Valentine, Shield, I Am Still Holding Out For You, etc… Oh Who I am kidding? You need a The Best 30 Angelina Songs.

  2. These are all good performances, but if I try to make a list of my own, only A Million Years Ago is making it. I have Fly Me to the Moon on it, but the O2 Arena version.
    In my opinion, Bohemian Rhapsody and I Put a Spell on You are given on any such list, but if you ask ten fans, you will probably get ten different answers.
    Also, no offence, but you got some facts wrong. She sang Bohemian Rhapsody on America’s Got Talent The Champions in 2020, NOT on Norway Got talent in 2014.
    More importantly, the book she wrote at age nine was about a life-changing meeting with an orphan barefoot girl a few years earlier. Angelina gave her shoes to the girl and pledged to always perform barefoot until all children have shoes.

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