Gene Simmons Says Rock is Dead and Talks About Billie Eilish and BTS

KISS bassist Gene Simmons says Rock music is dead and talks about Billie Eilish and BTS. Is rock music really dead?

Gene Simmons real name Gene Klein was born in 1949. Gene Simmons, the bassist of the band KISS, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, writer, and television personality.

The KISS group, which became popular with stage shows and music in the 1970s, is now among the legends of rock music. Unfortunately, Gene Simmons now thinks rock music is dead. So what is the reason for this?

Gene Simmons recently spoke to Gulf News about contemporary music and Rock.

The interviewer asked: What do you think about the state of rock ‘n’ roll today, and people who say, ‘Rock ‘n’ roll is dead’?”

Gene replied: “Rock is dead. And that’s because new bands haven’t taken the time to create glamour, excitement, and epic stuff.”

Gene Simmons says that FOO FIGHTERS produces rock music excitedly today, but they are not a new band. The artist who gives examples of groups such as Elvis, The BEATLES, and Jimi Hendrix, says that there are no iconic artists in this style and he does not think there will be.

“In disco, you had Madonna, and then you had your hard rock, you had AC/DC, maybe us, a few others. Motown, all that glorious music. From 1988, until today, that’s over 30 years. Tell me who the new Beatles is. You can’t.”

The interviewer asked: “Do you think time will tell if some acts are going to be iconic in another 30 years?”



He said that there are many popular bands today and even BTS is one of them. However, he does not think they would be iconic and have a great legacy, because BEATLES have no uniqueness in any of them. They wrote their music themselves, played their own instruments, and produced them themselves, he said.

“No backing tracks. No digital enhancement. No vocal correctness. Yeah, not going to happen again. You know, modern artists rely so much on technology.

“You may not be able to recognize the artist if they record themselves singing in the shower. You’d be shocked.”

The interviewer asked: “In terms of contemporary artists today, is there anyone you listen to? Anyone who’s caught your attention?”

Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell

Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell

He thinks Billie Eilish is a great artist and that she and her brother produced art of their own. She also says that Lady Gaga is the best artist among women. Gaga’s ability to play the piano and her own style make him unique.

Gene Simmons added: “And by the way, that’s OK, too. It doesn’t matter what you like. But it ain’t The BEATLES.”

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