One Piece Reveals Emotional Video for Celebrating 1000 Manga Chapters

One Piece shares a new video for the 1000th chapter contains the most iconic moments of the series. The video takes us to the past and is very emotional.

One Piece was originally just a simple story about pirates. Also, this manga, created by Eiichiro Oda in 1997, and now it turns into a legend. The manga was first released in Shueisha’s Weekly Jump Shōnen Jump magazine, then came to the screens as anime.

One Piece Chapter 1, Shonen Jump
One Piece Chapter 1, Shonen Jump

After a 23-year long adventure, One Piece passed a major milestone with the 1000th manga chapter. This series became a friend to us in our childhood and youth, and a simple pirate story has taught us a lot until now. We learned a lot about friendship, going after dreams, never giving up, and defending the righteous. This special series reached its 1000th chapter, and the celebrations started.

One Piece shared a special video to celebrate this special moment and the video is quite emotional. The live-action video contains the iconic moments of the series. Also, although the video is in Japanese, it can reach the entire world with subtitles.

The series contains very instructive things for children and young fans. Even if others laugh or don’t believe them, they can make their dreams come true. Anything is possible, especially if you have great friends with you. For older fans, it’s the nostalgia of being a kid and believing things like magic and pretending to be great heroes.

This 23-year adventure video shows how many people the One Piece manga has touched throughout this adventure. You can watch the special video for the 1000th manga episode trailer below.

What is the ‘One Piece’ synopsis?

Pirate King Gold Roger acquires everything in this world and says that while he is executed, all his fortune is on the Grand Line. They must find it. The dream of our hero Monkey D. Luffy is to become the Pirate King and to seize the treasure called One Piece.

Luffy, who has always wanted to be a pirate from a young age, accidentally ate a devil fruit (Akuma No Mi). There are 3 different devil fruits and these fruits provide superior powers to those who eat, but the price of these forces is that they can never swim. The fruit Luffy eats turns him into a rubber boy. Years after this incident, Luffy goes to sea. During his journey, he will gather his crew and embark on dangerous and funny adventures in the Grand Line to find One Piece.

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