Sony Reveals Every PS5 Games Coming to PC in 2021

Sony in the CES 2021 also shares the release dates of the PS5 games that will come to PC. Which Playstation games will come to PC? All the details are here.

Sony and Microsoft released new game consoles in 2020; PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Sony and Microsoft have been in competition for years, and the biggest advantage in this competition is exclusive games. Exclusive games are one of the factors that convince us to buy a game console, even the biggest. Is this changing now?

As you know, many games that came to Xbox could be played by PC players. There is a Microsoft reign in the computer part of the game world, this is obvious. However, last year Sony decided to release some PS5 games on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the first Playstation games released on PC. We don’t know exactly what Sony’s strategy means for the future, but it seems that if they reduce exclusive games, game console sales will decrease. However, this is our opinion, we do not know Sony’s plans yet.

The fun part is that more players will be able to play more games. It’s okay for us, it’s a glorious thing.

Sony recently announced the list and release dates of Playstation games that will come to the PC. Let’s take a look.

Which PS5 Games Are Coming to PC?

Hitman 3 – January 2021

“HITMAN 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy and takes players around the world on a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations. Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional for the most important contracts of his entire career.”

Kena: Bridge of Spirits – March 2021

“Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the story-driven action adventure created by Ember Lab, set in a charming world rich with exploration and fast-paced combat. Players find and grow a team of tiny spirit companions, enhancing their abilities, and creating new ways to manipulate the environment.”

Solar Ash – June 2021

“Solar Ash is an upcoming 3D action-adventure video game developed by Heart Machine, set in the same universe as Heart Machine’s first game, Hyper Light Drifter, though it will not be a direct sequel to it.”

Little Devil Inside – July 2021

“Little Devil Inside is a fascinating, 3D action-adventure RPG with a surreal and minimalist look created by NEOSTREAM hailing from South Korea. The player is thrown into this very familiar-looking world, which is populated with humans and creatures to interact with.”

Ghostwire Tokyo – October 2021

“The game takes place in Tokyo after 99% of the city’s population mysteriously vanished. Deadly supernatural spirits have taken over the city and the player must fight them using superhuman skills and discover the cause of the disappearance.”

Stray – October 2021

“See the world through the eyes of a stray and interact with the environment in playful ways. Be stealthy, nimble, silly, and sometimes as annoying as possible with the strange inhabitants of this foreign world.”

Project Athia – January 2022

“She can be observed wearing modern sneakers and possibly modern leggings beneath attire more typical of a fantasy realm, suggesting that her homeworld is Earth or someplace much like it. She is shown to have the ability to manipulate plant life, ensnaring her foes in giant roots she summons from the ground, and grass appears at her feet when she leaps, suggesting she also uses these powers to aid her movement”

Pragmata – 2023

“Set in a dystopian near-future on Earth’s Moon, PRAGMATA will take you on an unforgettable, adventure, powered by the Next Generation of gaming hardware.”

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