The 10 Best Jeff Healey Songs of All-Time

Most, if not all, classic rock fans know Jeff Healey. He is a blues rock legend who emerged in the mid-80s and gained global popularity as one of the greatest guitarists. Born in Toronto, Canada, Jeff Healey was already playing guitar in the local Toronto music scene in bands at 14 years and shared the stage with Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan by his late teens. In 1985, the Jeff Healey band was created that saw him performing as a new young artist in Canada. Jeff Healey produced five albums between 1988 and 2000 with his trio Jeff Healy Band. From 2002 to 2007, when he passed on, Jeff Healey released a couple of top solo albums that sparked a successful music career. Here is a look at the 10 best Jeff Healey songs of all time.

10. Daze of the Night 19000

‘Daze of the Night,’ is the lead track off ‘Heal My Soul,’ Jeff Healey’s album released on what was to be Jeff’s 50th birthday. According to, the album release started a year-long celebration of the legacy and life of jeff Healey. This blazing track offers the listeners a foretaste of the intensity and passion that Jeff Healey depicted. This song will leave you wondering how mind-blowing the next Jeff Healey release would have been.

9. Which One

We start our list of the best Jeff Healey songs of all time with a great song from the last Jeff Healey album,’ Get Me Some,’ released in 2000. The song, ‘ Which One,’ opens this album with a killer groove and roaring guitar lick. According to Boom Play, this amazing song was written by Jeff Healey and Marti Frederiksen. This track shouts out at you, informing you that you are in for an exciting ride.

8. Stuck In the Middle with You

You most probably know this track from the Steelers Wheel recording. However, it would be best if you listened to what Jeff Healey did with the song. Jeff Healey had a great mastery of covering any song and turning it into a special thing like the great blues artist. This is exactly what he did with this track. ‘Stuck in The Middle with You, is another of Jeff’s top songs released in the remarkable ‘Cover to Cover’ album. Listen to this solo!

7. That’s What They Say

‘That’s What They Say’ is a Jeff Healey track featured on the ‘See the Light’ album. This song is often overlooked as one of Jeff’s great songs. It was a regular live performance for years, performed either acoustically or with a full band, and one that showcases their great songwriting ability by Jeff. Jeff Healey performed the song with melodic guitar work, which leaves you craving to listen more as it fades out.

6. Cruel Little Number

This song’s opening chord immediately crushes you, blowing your mind out. It’s a Jeff Healey heavy song that rocks hard and nice. ‘Cruel Little Number’ is the opening song on the Jeff Healey ‘Feel This’ album released in 1992. It provided a great alternative to the raging grunge sound at that time, hitting position two on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts that year.

5. I Think I Love You Too Much

This track immediately became a favorite for most fans. ‘I Think I Love You Too Much’ was featured on the fascinating Jeff Healey Band album, ‘Hell to Pay.’ This song was written by Mark Knopfler, who is also featured on the track. This is one of the tracks done by some of the best guitarists, including the legendary Bobby Whitlock. The ‘Hell to Pay’ album is a heck of an album until today and provided an excellent follow-up to Jeff Healey’s debut album ‘See the Light.’

4. Confidence Man

‘Confidence Man’ is a song by John Hiatt and the lead track to the ‘See the Light’ album. For most classic rock enthusiasts, this was the track that first exposed them to Jeff as a guitar player and artist. a Jeff Healey ripped this solo from the ‘See the Light’ album. This solo is a must-listen. It lives up to the hype featured on the release cover B.B King quote.

3. See The Light

‘See The Light’ is the song that blew everyone away the first time listening to it and still does, more than three decades later. It’s one of the most exhilarating tracks produced in the classic rock era. The song was put on the LP See the Light in 1988 as the record’s closing track. What an exciting way of ending a record. It will knock you out if you have never listened to it.

2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

If you are going to take on one of the most popular Beatles songs of all time written by George Harrison, you have to come with your A game, which Jeff Healey brought each time he played the guitar. Jeff Healey did not just tear up this track but also featured George Harrison on the recording. Add some excellent production by Jeff Lynne, and you have one of the greatest all-time recordings of the 1980s.

1. Angel Eyes

‘Angel Eyes’ is one of the great songs featured on the debut album’ See the Light’ by the Jeff Healy Band in 1988. This track was the second single from the album. According to Blues Rock Review, this song turned out to be Jeff Healey’s most successful commercial single in his career. Throughout his career, Jeff Healey charted just two songs on the Billboard Hot 100, with ‘Angels Eyes’ being the first to get into the top 100. This sing went on to get into the top 10, climaxing at number 5.

Bottom Line

These are the top best Jeff Healey songs of all time. If you are a classic rock music lover, you have to listen to these great tracks. Any top song by Jeff Healey that we have left out? Please comment below.

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