The Ten Best George Harrison Albums Ranked

George Harrison

George Harrison was a singer, songwriter, music and film producer, and guitarist. He was the lead guitarist of the Beatles. He wrote some of the songs that were performed by the band from 1965 onwards. Some of the earlier musicians who influenced his work include George Formby, Carl Perkins, and Chuck Berry. After the band split in 1970, he started releasing his music.

10. Gone Troppo


This album was released in 1982 and was received fairly well by Harrison’s fans. Although it did not perform as well as some of the albums that he had released in the previous years, the songs that he included in the album still reflected his style. It charted at number 108 in the US and 31 in the Norwegian VG-lista. It did not make it to any of the top listings in the UK.

9. Somewhere in England


This album was released in 1981 by Harrison’s “Dark Horse Records” company. This was the first album that he released after the murder of John Lennon, his former bandmate. Harrison changes some of the lyrics of his song “All Those Years Ago” to reflect on Lennon’s tragic death. The album was received well in the UK where it reached number 13. It also reached number 2 in the US.

8. Extra Texture


Harrison wrote and released this album in 1975. It was another album that was devoid of spiritual themes and messages. He recorded most of the songs in the album in America. Some of the singles from the album that peaked in charting lists included “You,” which was number 15 in the UK and “This Guitar (Can’t Keep from Crying),” which was number 6 in the US.

7. George Harrison


This album was released in February 1979. He wrote and recorded most of the songs included in the album in 1978, a period during, which he married Olivia Arias and become a father. The songs in the album reflected the changes in his life. The song “Your Love is Forever” is among the most beautiful ballads on the album. The album peaked at number 12 in the US and number 39 in the UK.

6. Thirty Three & 1/3


Although he intended to release the album when he was 33 years and 1/3, the release date was delayed and it ended up being released when he was 33 years and 2/3. The album is characterized by his good humor and great vocals. “Crackerbox Palace” from the album reached the top twenty hit songs while the other songs performed relatively well.

5. Dark Horse


Dark Horse was released in 1974 approximately one year after “Living in the Material World.” The song focuses on the musician’s split with his wife and a temporal withdrawal from the spiritual themes that had characterized his previous works. In the album, Harrison embraces funk and soul genres. Although it was his first album not to chart in the UK it was still famous in other parts of the world like in the US where it peaked at number 4 in the US Billboard, US Record World Album, and US Cash Box top 100 songs.

4. Cloud Nine


This was the eleventh album released by Harrison. It was recorded and released in 1987 after he had taken a five-year break from music. Most of the songs in the album performed well and reestablished his position as one of the greatest musicians of his time. “Got My Mind Set on You,” was one of the hit songs in the album. Generally, the album became number 4 in the top chart lists in the US and Australia. It was number 10 in the UK and performed fairly well in other parts of the world.

3. Brainwashed


“Brainwashed” was Harrison’s twelfth and final album. The album was released in 2002 approximately one year after his death and fifteen years after the last album that he has released. The overdubs of this album were completed by Dhani Harrison, Harrison’s son and some of the other people that he had worked with before he died. The album reached the top 20 in the US and the top 30 in the UK. “Marwa Blues” an instrumental included in the album went on to receive the Grammy Awards in 2004 for being the best pop instrumental performance. Aside from that, “Any Road,” from the album, was also nominated in the same year for best male pop vocal performance but “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake took the award.

2. Living in the Material World


The album “Living in the Material World,” was released in 1973 and was received well by his fans and matched the fame of his first album “All Things Must Pass.” Some of the hit songs from this album included “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth),” which was number 1the in US when it was released. According to a feature in the Independent Magazine, other songs in the album that also performed well included “Be Here Now” and “Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long”.

1. All Things Must Pass


This was the first album that Harrison released after the split of the Beatles. It produced his most successful single “My Sweet Lord,” which topped the charts globally. It also became his most selling song on the album. The album also introduced Harrison’s signature guitar slide sound that he is still remembered for to date. Aside from that, the album also introduced his spiritual theme that became a constant aspect of his music. The album held the number one position for days in worldwide charts. It was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 1972. In the same years, the song “My Sweet Lord,” received the record of the year award.


George Harrison is an iconic musician. People will continue remembering him for his time with the Beatles and the amazing albums that he released after the band split up. His work has been a motivation to many artists.

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