The 10 Best Meghan Trainor Songs of All-Time

Meghan Trainor

The incomparable Meghan Elizabeth Trainor burst onto the music scene in 2014 when she signed with Epic Records. Her music resonates with women worldwide, and her trademark unapologetic attitude is refreshing. The star has made headlines lately because she may be pregnant and is looking forward to having more children, stating that she hopes to have twins next. Several weeks ago, she launched the Workin’ On It podcast, and she’s continually expanding her repertoire and talents. Here are the top ten best Meghan Trainor songs of all time.

10. Title


A lack of commitment is a problem in many relationships. There are a lot of women who are entirely sick of having a man describe them as ‘a friend’ and then turn around and expect to have an intimate relationship. Title is about calling your girlfriend what she is and showing respect.

9. Nice To Meet Ya (With Nikki Minaj)


Working with Nikki Minaj was a dream come true for Meghan Trainor, who grew up listening to her music. While Meghan has always worked tirelessly to stay on top of changes in the music scene, Nice To Meet Ya was an inspired divergence from her usual sound. With this track, Meghan hoped to create something so unique her fans wouldn’t instantly recognize it as ‘Meghan Trainor music.’ She certainly succeeded and showed her versatility in the process.

8. No Excuses


Getting approached by a rude, disrespectful man is an experience most or all women share at some point. Some opt to ‘just take it,’ others walk away, but not Meghan. Instead, she takes him to task and takes the issue to the world stage. There are no excuses for treating her or any woman like that, and she’s not afraid to demand respect and human decency.

7. Dear Future Husband


The song Dear Future Husband is a reflection of what teen girls are taught to express. The singer is essentially trying to put a box around the ideal marriage and make a list of everything she will want, need and be in this idealized future. As always, Meghan tackles the stereotypical social expectation with good humor and a ton of irony.

6. Me Too


Me Too was part of the soundtrack of the 2018 movie I Feel Pretty. This outstanding song is all about self-empowerment. Body positivity and self-love are often mistaken for egotism. The topic of feeling good in your own skin is one that Meghan Trainor has tackled before and continues to battle with and for.

5. Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Featuring John Legend)


Everyone is afraid to lose something, but there’s no fear quite as universal as the fear of lost love as she sings it with John Legend. This song isn’t about the sort of lost love that comes from mistakes or missed connections, but rather the terror that comes with loving someone so thoroughly that the very idea of losing them is devastating and panic-inducing. Most parents can relate to this because they feel this for their children. The List shared her thoughts on the issue, “It’s about when you have those nightmares where your loved one passes away, and you wake up sweating and crying. You check on them, and they’re still there, and you realize that you’re not promised tomorrow, so you’re going to love them like you’re losing them,” she explained.”

4. Lips Are Movin


Although the song Lips Are Movin has the feel of a jaded breakup song, that wasn’t what inspired it at all. In fact, Meghan’s frustration with her record label caused her to write this superb song. At a time when many feared that she would be a one-hit-wonder with All About That Bass, she broke out of that box and brought this song to the table.

3. No


No wasn’t originally part of Meghan’s second album, Thank You. The song resulted from a conversation she had with Epic Records label head L.A. Reid who told her there was no real single in the collection and she needed one. Although Meghan knew and even said that she wasn’t going to produce another song like her original smash hit, All About That Bass, she nevertheless sat down and created this song. Although she was initially angry about the interaction, it led to this song which, according to, she described as a “Firey women’s anthem.”

2. Better When I’m Dancin


Released initially for The Peanuts Movie, the song Better When I’m Dancin is a delightful, joyous anthem. This wasn’t the first time she made an appearance in a kid’s movie. Meghan has also been in Smurfs: The Lost Village, Playmobil: The Movie, and the Disney Teen Classic Z-O-M-B-I-E-S. Listening to Better When I’m Dancin makes it easy to hear why her voice is so coveted for these feel-good films. Something uniquely delightful in her happy songs is hard to put a finger on yet ever-present.

1. All About That Bass


This song takes on the mainstream media, diet culture, and unhealthy ideals for women. A video, clearly mocking magazine covers, and Barbie’s dream house in gorgeous pastels was an instant hit. Not only was this her first single, but it made it clear to the world that Meghan was here to stay and has no plans to conform to anyone’s idea of what a singer or a woman ‘should’ be.

Final Thoughts

Meghan Trainor’s incredible voice and entertaining outlook are a breath of fresh air in an industry that idolizes too-thin women. Her self amused, unapologetic musical style is everything we didn’t know we were missing. With her open honesty about suffering panic attacks, this is one artist who is bringing more than the beauty standard into the spotlight. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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