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Joe Bonamassa Says He Can Never Repay Eric Clapton Debt That He Owe Him

Joe Bonamassa talks about the fact that he would never pay his debt to Eric Clapton because his career took this rise thanks to Eric.

Joe Bonamassa, the actual name Joseph Leonard Bonamassa, was born in 1977 in New York. Joe’s passion for music was instilled in him by his father, when he was just 4 years old his father was making him play Eric Clapton records. The artist who is very successful in classical guitar and has the Grammy Award realized his dreams in 2009 and gave a concert with Eric Clapton. Since then, his career has been on the rise.

Joe was recently featured on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, and he also speaks about his relationship with Eric Clapton during the conversation and the concert in 2009, Joe sees that day as a milestone of his career.

He sees that night as the moment his life changed. Saying that this is one of the rare moments in his life that he can live, Joe says everything was like a dream. “At that point, 20 years’ worth of work, sweat, and whatever – and I said, ‘It’s all coming down to the next two hours.’ One of the things I learned that night is – when you get into those special situations, I could’ve easily let that venue play me.”

He was also really stressed when he got on stage, especially when he saw Clapton approaching the stage. He said at that moment that he was suggesting himself and that he should be just himself.

“I just went out there and played, and that was really, to me, a life-changing moment that I can never repay Eric the debt of gratitude that I owe him.”

Also, Eric Clapton was aware of everything. He really wanted to lend a hand to Joe and he always helped in his career after the concert in London.

Joe, who made agreements with many channels and appeared on shows after that day, became a Grammy winner after 4 years.

You can listen to the “Lookout Man!” song below.

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