The 10 Best Jim Reeves Songs of All-Time

Jim Reeves

Even after his death from a plane crash in 1965, Jim Reeves’ music continued to chart for years, a testament to his enduring legacy in country music. Popularly referred to as “Gentleman Jim,” Jim Reeves has also been inducted in the Country Music and the Texas Country Music Halls of Fame. Jim became a popular name in the country music circle after releasing the song “Mexican Joe” in 1953. He followed with other hit songs such as “I Love You” and “Bimbo,” which topped the US country charts in 1954. We have compiled a list of ten Jim Reeves songs that you will absolutely love. Here is our list of the top ten Jim Reeves songs of all time.

10. Mexican Joe


Starting us off in the tenth position is this 1953 single, which featured Jim Reeves and the Circle O Ranch Boys. The song marked Jim Reeves’s debut on the Country Charts, with the song peaking at number one and staying in that position for six weeks. The song remained in the chart for a total of 26 weeks, and it was Jim Reeves’ first major success which would catapult him into global superstardom.

9. Blue Side of Lonesome


This song was originally written and recorded by Leon Payne in 1960, but it was Jim Reeves’ 1966 version of the song that captured the hearts of many. The song is contained in Jim Reeves’ 1962 album, The Country Side of Jim Reeves, and it was released as a posthumous single. The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and spent nine weeks on the chart.

8. I Won’t Come In While He’s There


The number eight song on our countdown of the top ten Jim Reeves songs is a posthumous release and one of the first songs he recorded before his death. It also marked his sixth and final posthumous release to hit the top position on the US Country Chart. The song features some excellent piano backing, and Jim Reeves’s vocals are as smooth as always.

7. Adios Amigo


It is impossible to compile a top ten Jim Reeves songs list without having this hit on your list. “Adios Amigos” was surprisingly not written by Jim Reeves himself. Instead, it was written by Jerry Livingston and Ralph Freed. A video of this song features Jim Reeves performing the song in Norway back in 1964. His stage presence is impressive, and his vocals will stick in the memories of anyone who hears him.

6. Is It Really Over?


Coming in at number six on our list of the top ten Jim Reeves songs is another single from his posthumous album, Is It Really Over. The song contains some touching lyrics as Jim Reeves wonders whether his perfect relationship with a former lover is really over. The song is quite beautiful, and Jim Reeves performs it majestically, showing how gifted a singer he was. The song peaked at the top position on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles, where it stayed in the position for three weeks and spent a total of nineteen weeks on the chart. The song also peaked at #79 on the US Hot 100 and Jim Reeves’ third posthumous song to hit the top position on the charts.

5. Four Walls


This song was written in 1951, but it took six years before its first recording took place. The song was originally written by Marvin J. Moore, and based on its lyrics, “Four Walls” is a sad song that sees someone narrate his woes over a lost love. As he waits for his lover to come back, he confesses that the four walls are a witness to his long wait. True to the lyrics, the song also waited for the right time to be recorded by the right artist, and Jim Reeves showed a lot of desire to record it ever since he knew about it. Jim Reeves recorded his version in 1957, and what a great song it turned out to be.

4. I Won’t Forget You


Coming in at number four is the 1964 hit song, “I Won’t Forget You.” Fifty years on from it’s release, this song continues to capture the hearts of many people, with Jim Reeves vocals entrenched in the hearts and minds of many people. The song peaked at position 93 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was ranked the 56th best-selling single in the UK during the 1960s.

3. I Love You Because


Leon Payne initially wrote this song in 1949 before Jim Reeves recorded his version in 1964 for the album Gentleman Jim. The song became Jim Reeves’s most popular song in Norway, topping the country’s charts for 13 weeks. The song contains some lovely lyrics that advise people to love themselves first before being loved by others. The song peaked at #5 on the UK Charts #54 on the US Hot Country Chart.

2. Am I Losing You


This song was released in 1957 as a single and featured lyrics that showed worry about losing the person he loved. The song peaked at number three on the US Country Singles chart before peaking at #8 on the same chart after the song had re-recorded in 1960. Jim Reeves’s golden voice shines throughout the song, and there is no doubt that this is one of his greatest songs ever. The song was covered by Ronnie Milsap in 1981 for his album, Out Where the Bright Lights Are Glowing.

1. He’ll Have To Go


The number one song on our countdown of the greatest Jim Reeves songs is the 1959 pop-country track, “He’ll Have To Go.” The song’s lyrics tell a tale of a man who talks to a woman he loves on the phone, only to realize that she is with another man. The song was a major country and pop hit in 1960, peaking at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song also spent six weeks on top of the Canadian charts and was ranked number two by Billboard on their list of the greatest songs of 1960.

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  1. Jim reeves was my most idolize singer. There are many more that I love to hear, but Jim is the absolute my favorite, his rich, smooth baritone is hands down the tops.

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