Metallica member Kirk Hammett reveals details for It’s Alive! horror exhibit

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett reveals details of “It’s Alive! Classic Horror And Sci-Fi Art From The Kirk Hammett Collection” exhibit. This exhibit will open on May 17.

We know Metallica member Kirk Hammett is the collector of classic horror and sci-fi movie posters. He also so love this genre film and stuff. Now he is opening an exhibition named “It’s Alive!” also features more than 100 pieces. These pieces including posters, toys, guitars, masks, and sculptures back to the days of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. However, in this collection and he inspired by this work throughout his own music career. Hammett also released a coffee table book called ‘Too Much Horror Business’ that featured photos of his extensive collection in 2012.

Hammett talks with ABC Columbia and told this exhibition: 

“I’ve always been into this type of stuff, ever since I was 5 years old. As I got older, and I started getting a steady source of income from that, I started collecting this stuff intently. I want people to just be able to experience these films, ’cause they’re really important — at least they are to me — and to see the beauty of these movie posters.”

“I hope that they see past the fact that it’s a horror film, or a horror film poster or prop, and see the beauty that lies in a lot of these posters.”

He also continued: 

“I feel that these movies are an extension of my own personality. And when I play I guitar and I’m surrounded by these posters, it’s totally and completely inspiring. The feeling that they’ve had fun seeing this stuff and I hope that they think it’s exciting and as thrilling as it is for myself. ”

Kirk Hammett‘s “It’s Alive! Classic Horror And Sci-Fi Art From The Kirk Hammett Collection” exhibit will open on May 17th, 2020. You can watch the full interview below.

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