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Marc Anthony

Since he released his first studio album, Marc Anthony has taken the world of salsa and Latin music by storm. He is a three-time Grammy Award winner and one of the most successful musicians of all time. His musicality and charisma helped him become one of the best-selling salsa artists of all time. To this day, Anthony is known for his singing and his acting. Marc Anthony has released several studio albums throughout his career. Each album had its specific style or flare that differentiated it from Anthony’s other works. His first two albums were released in Spanish and focused on traditional salsa. However, his later albums included a mix of genres to target different audiences and ultimately widen his fan base. For example, he had English songs in some of his Latin music albums, such as Mended (2000) and Libre (2011). This article will rank Marc Anthony’s studio albums from worst to best.

12. When the Night Is Over 1991


This album is often criticized for its poor lyrics and production. The songs are not very catchy at all. As can be expected from an artist fresh out of his teen years, this album was not exactly what the public had hoped for when they purchased it. However, Marc Anthony’s talent shines through in some of these songs. Though Marc Anthony had not yet developed his unique sound, he could still make some of these songs worthwhile. Marc Anthony’s first studio album shows that he can succeed, but it also proves that he needs time and practice before coming out with an excellent album.

11. Otra Nota 1993



This album includes many of Anthony’s biggest hits up to that point. The songs range from salsa to ballads, and the lyrics are not bad for this period. However, there is no natural flair or originality in these songs. Otra Nota offers nothing new musically; instead, it’s just another classic Latin music album released in the 1990s.

10. Marc Anthony 1999


In Marc Anthony’s fourth studio album, he began to branch out and show new sides of himself beyond salsa. This album mixes Latin pop, ballads, and some traditional salsa songs. Lyrically, the pieces are pretty good for this time. However, the music itself isn’t anything special. The highlight of this album was the title track, “Marc Anthony.” This song was quite popular and set the stage for Anthony to experiment with other genres.

9. 3.0 2013


Marc Anthony’s eleventh studio album is a mix of Latin pop and reggaeton. This album focuses on the theme of love and relationships. The lyrics could have been better, but overall this was another successful release by Marc Anthony. 3.0 did well in sales and has some pretty good songs even though there were no real breakthrough hits like “I Need to Know” or “You Sang To Me.”

8. El Cantante 2006


El Cantante was Marc Anthony’s second album to be released in English. This album focuses on salsa and intermingles pop, ballads, and reggaeton. The lyrics are pretty good for this time; however, the music doesn’t differentiate itself from other Latin music albums. Some standout tracks like “Tragedy” and “You Sang To Me,” but these songs are not as strong as Marc Anthony’s best work.

7. Valió la Pena 2004


Valió la Pena was Marc Anthony’s seventh studio album. This album focused on traditional salsa and bolero music. The lyrics were well done for this period, making sense because Anthony co-wrote the songs on this album. There was no standout track, but “Si Tú No Te Fueras” is quite popular and received some airplay on Latin American radio stations.

6. Iconos 2010


This album explores various genres from pop to ballads and even some reggaeton. The diversity was quite lovely on this album, but there were no accurate standout tracks. Some songs could have been better musically; instead of producing the whole piece, Marc Anthony sings over pre-recorded music. However, the lyrics are pretty good for this period which is why “Iconos” makes it to the list.

5. Amar Sin Mentiras 2004


This album was a breakthrough for Marc Anthony. He did a great job on the production of this album and explored many different genres from salsa to ballads and even some R&B. The lyrics are suitable for this period, but nothing too deep or powerful. However, some great songs like “Me Haces Falta” are well done.

4. Mended 2002


This album is a combination of salsa and pop music. The lyrics are suitable for this time; however, the standout tracks on this album barely made it to airplay on Latin radio stations. “Mended” was not Marc Anthony’s best work musically; however, the production was perfectly executed, and there were some great songs like “Obsession” that were well done.

3. Libre 2001


This is another Latin pop album from Marc Anthony. This album was a good commercial success and had some top songs like “You Sang To Me,” which received airplay on many Latin radio stations. The lyrics were quite good, but the music itself could have been better and the production of the songs. If the music had been more interesting, this album would have had more commercial success.

2. Todo A Su Tiempo 1995


This is Anthony’s fourth studio album and was a breakthrough in his career. This album is a mix of salsa and cumbia, a good combination. The lyrics and music were well done, and the album’s production was well executed. There are some excellent songs like “Muy Dentro de Mi Corazon” that had the potential to be even greater than they were.

1. Contra La Corriente 1997


This is Marc Anthony’s third studio album, and it is also his best. The album was a breakthrough for Anthony, as it made it into the Billboard Latin Charts’ top ten albums. This Latin pop album has some great lyrics and equally good production. It was well executed musically and artistically, which makes sense because Anthony co-wrote all of the songs on this album. However, none of these songs received much radio airplay; they are all great songs. There is not one bad song on this entire album.


Marc Anthony is a great singer and excellent producer. However, his production skills were not as strong as they should have been during the earlier years of his career. His lyrics were all well done, though, so if you are looking for some new music to listen to, he has some excellent songs out there.

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