The 10 Best The Dirty Nil Songs of All-Time

The Dirty Nil

The Canadian alternative rock band known as The Dirty Nil originally hails from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They were founded in 2006 by Luke Bentham, Kyle Fisher, and Ross Miller. They have kept together as a three-man band ever since their days in high school. In 2011, they released their first debut single (F*ckin’ Up Young) and began touring throughout North America at various clubs and festival venues. In total, The Dirty Nil has produced three studio albums, three extended plays (EPs), and a compilation album. The guitar riffs and vocals stemming from Luke Bentham are matched with the bass of Ross Miller, and the drumming talent of Kyle Fisher. This has their music critics citing them with the label of punk rock due to their mix with hard rock riffs, along with the attitude and energy most associated with punk. During the Juno Awards of 2017, The Dirty Nil won the Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year. Despite the classifications The Dirty Nil has received, all three band members still insist they’re merely just another rock band with no desire to cling to a specific category within its genre pool.

10. No Weaknesses


The song (No Weaknesses) was released on November 6, 2015, and is the only single that actually came from their 2016 album (Higher Power). Every other track on what is The Dirty Nil’s first full-length album is really a compilation of all the singles they produced through, either as stand-alone singles or within their extended plays.

9. Elvis ’77


Coming from the 2021 album (F*ck Art) is the single (Elvis ’77) which has been steadily listened to by their fans on various streaming stations on the internet, as well as some of the air-play it has received on radio stations. The album as a whole generally received favorable reviews upon its release. According to Metacritic, the album received a 68 score out of 100, which didn’t quite do as well as Higher Power’s 73 out of 100 scores. With Exclaim! the album shared its 7 out of 10 scores with Higher Power. F*ck Art did, however, win a four out of five-star score from Upset Magazine as they proceed to explain the album is full of clever lyrics that are just as comical as they are thought-provoking. They also commented every single track on the album is of high quality, not one of them considered to be mediocre, but the song is about Elvis Presley, so who cares?

8. Done With Drugs


The single (Done With Drugs) is a poppy, heavy-riffed single that serves as a mockery against social media posts about sobriety. Coming from their 2021 album (F*ck Art), fans and critics agree The Dirty Nil’s take on social media issues comes through loud and clear not only with this particular song but throughout the entire album. And, according to them, in a good way.

7. Zombie Eyed


The single (Zombie Eyed) was first released in 2013 and later included in their 2016 album (Higher Power). Both the song and the album win favor among most of their music fans, as well as critical acclaim. Via streaming, Zombie Eyed remains one of the favored songs played by this band. The album was produced and released through Dine Alone Records on February 26, 2016.

6. Bathed in Light


In 2018, the first release from The Dirty Nil’s sophomore album (Master Volume) earned the band critical acclaim for being their best work as a band since their 2006 beginnings. To this day, many of their music fans and critics still regard Bathed in Light as their personal favorite the band has ever produced. The music video for this song was filmed at the Shangri-La Campground, which is located at St. Catharine’s, Ontario. It featured pyrotechnics and fireworks, which went off near the band members as they performed. This music video played an instrumental role to chart Bathed in Light as a cult classic among fans not just within the Canadian border when it aired for the first time on YouTube on June 20, 2018.

5. Evil Side


Coming from their 2018 album (Master Volume) is the track (Evil Side). It is among the most-listened-to singles from The Dirty Nil’s music roster and is highly favored in music clubs that cater to the punk rock genre. It embodies the things that are evil, and fans love that.

4. Wrestle Yu To Husker Do


The Dirty Nil’s debut album (Higher Power), which was released on February 26, 2016. Included on this album is its most successful track (Wrestle Yu To Husker Do). Despite it not actually being a single from this track, but rather a piece of an older piece of their material. The band’s performance brings forth what critics describe as a cross-section of the most essential parts of rock and roll with windmill forces and smoke guitar theatrics. Pair that up with uncompromising noise, feral energy, and deranged enthusiasm, and it’s little wonder this song became a favorite among their fans.

3. Doom Boy


At the moment, The Dirty Nil’s single (Doom Boy) is their most played single, according to Last FM. It is the first track from their 2021 album (F*ck Art), which was first released as a single on August 18, 2020.

2. Blunt Force Concussion


Peaking as high as #34 on the US Alternative Airplay chart in 2020, the single (Blunt Force Concussion). It comes from their album (F*ck Art), which was officially released on January 8, 2021.

1. That’s What Heaven Feels Like


Commercially speaking, the most successful song from The Dirty Nil comes from the 2018 album (Master Volume) as it peaked as high as #31 on the US Mainstream Rock chart.

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