Corey Taylor shares two songs from his ‘CMFT’ solo album

Corey Taylor just announces his upcoming ‘CMFT‘ solo album. Slipknot frontman also shares two songs from this album.

We recently shared the news about Corey Taylor‘s upcoming debut solo album. On today, Corey Taylor shares a one music-video “CMFT Must Be Stopped” and another song”Black Eyes Blue“. Also, the “CMFT Must Be Stopped” song features came Babymetal, Baron Corbin (WWE), Ben Bruce (ASKING ALEXANDRIA), Benji Webbe (Skindred), Caleb Shomo (Beartooth), Chris Jericho (Fozzy), Corey Graves (WWE), Griff Taylor, John 5 (Rob Zombie), Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust), Lars Ulrich (METALLICA), Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Marilyn Manson, Matty Matheson (chef), Nergal (BEHEMOTH), Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), Otep Shamaya (Otep), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Rob Halford (Judas Pries), Ronnie Radke (FALLING IN REVERSE), Maximum the Ryo-Kun (MAXIMUM THE HORMONE), Scott Ian (Anthrax), Tech N9ne, Steel Panther, Tom Savini (special effects artist/actor), and Zillakami (CITY MORGUE).

The album also was recorded at Hideout Studio in Las Vegas with music producer Jay Ruston. Also, the album includes Christian Martucci (guitar), Zach Throne (guitar), Jason Christopher (bass), and Dustin Robert (drums) with Corey Taylor on the record session.

Corey Taylor will out his solo album, “CMFT“, on October 2nd, 2020 via Roadrunner Records. Check out the “CMFT Must Be Stopped” music video below.

You can also listen to Corey Taylor‘s ‘Black Eyes Blues’ song below.

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor ‘CMFT’ solo album tracklist:

Corey Taylor 'CMFT' solo album cover
‘CMFT’ solo album cover

1. HWY 666
2. Black Eyes Blue
3. Samantha’s Gone
4. Meine Lux
5. Halfway Down
6. Silverfish
7. Kansas
8. Culture Head
9. Everybody Dies On My Birthday
10. The Maria Fire
11. Home
12. CMFT Must Be Stopped (feat. Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie)
12. European Tour Bus Bathroom Song

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