The Spy mini-series: Sacha Baron Cohen stars in this Netflix drama trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for upcoming mini-series The Spy starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

This series based on the true events of the Israeli spy, Eli Cohen. Sacha Baron Cohen one of the best actors in comedy. But his acting style flexing into serious roles. We have everything you need to know on this Netflix drama-history series. Which also includes the synopsis, trailer, and release date. The Spy series screenplay by Gideon Raff and Max Perry. Also, created by Gideon Raff. This series story follows a story of former Mossad agent, Eli Cohen, who is one of the most legendary spies.

The Spy synopsis, cast, and release date

The Spy synopsis, cast, and release date

Here’s the description from Netflix:

“THE SPY is inspired by the real-life story of former Mossad agent, Eli Cohen, who successfully goes undercover in Syria in the early 1960s. Cohen becomes close enough to ambitious military leaders and their rich friends to earn a game-changing level of trust about Syria’s biggest anti-Israel secret initiatives.” The main cast also includes Noah Emmerich, Hadar Ratzon Rotem, and Waleed Zuaiter. However, the series is produced by Alain Goldman (La Vie en Rose) and Légende Films.

In this first video we take us back to Tel Aviv in 1959, as Eli (Cohen) is recruited to go undercover in Damascus, Syria and make contact with military leaders and their wealthy friends – but he does his job so well that the divide between Eli and his undercover alias becomes blurred. “Taking off the clothes, it doesn’t work anymore. I can’t put him away.” Cohen says in the trailer.

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The Spy will be screen on Netflix on September 6th. Check out the official trailer below.

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