Layne Staley Performing With TOOL in Hawaii, 1993

Layne Staley‘s performance with TOOL in 1993 has some interesting stories and emotional memory. This footage is one of the best memories of Layne from the first Big Mele festival in Oahu.

Layne Staley was the pioneer of the grunge trend in Seattle in the 1980s. He gained great popularity with the ALICE IN CHAINS, in the early 90s. However, Staley’s drug addiction prevented him from performing during his most popular years, and he passed away in 2002. We will share one of the beautiful memories left behind with you.

The members of ALICE IN CHAINS ​​and TOOL met on their Lollapalooza tour in 1993. They spent a lot of time together on Lollapalooza tour in 19393 and they became best friends. Layne was going to the set of TOOL whenever available and trying to practice with Maynard James Keenan while spending time together. They even joke about Layne and Tom Morell. It was about the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE or ALICE IN CHAINS is “more metal”.

TOOL – ‘Opiate’ performance with Layne Staley in Oahu, Hawaii in 1993

TOOL went to Oahu with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, PRIMUS and VIOLENT FEMMES after the Lollapalooza festival. But there was another surprise guest: Layne Staley. It is still a mystery why Layne was in Hawaii, but his sincerity with the members of the TOOL band and the lack of a concert schedule helped to this.

Undoubtedly one thing, Layne Staley wanted to sing TOOL‘s “Opiate” at the concert, and his close friend Maynard also gave him permission. Unfortunately, the video recording of the performance is not very high quality, but TOOL and Layne’s “Opiate” performance is really amazing.

Also, once again, with the song “Opiate”, TOOL would perform in Washington with Layne. Following Staley’s death in 2002, Maynard would join the members of ALICE IN CHAINS for a benefit show in 2005 to raise funds for the victims of the devastating tsunami. A surprise guest at the show, Maynard would perform “Man in the Box” and “Them Bones”

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  1. Layne Staley is and always will be the greatest singer ever. He is simply a Legend! Every band that he graced by singing with is now also a legend with all of his amazing singing/songwriting gifts. I only wish he was still here to continue sharing his one in a lifetime gift.

  2. Can you please edit this? There are multiple instances where you refer to the same person/band twice insyead of who I think you meant. I.e. “Undoubtedly, one thing is that Layne Staley liked to take over on Layne Staley‘s spot when TOOL performing the song “Opiate”.”

    I don’t think “sincerity” means what you think ut means in this article.

    They even joke about whether they were Layne or Tom Morello from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE “more metal”. Not sure what this is even supposed to be saying nor is it really necessary other than a sidebar anecdote.

    Sorry to crash the party but this stuff needs to be edited for grammar and clarity before being posted.

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