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Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains became a phenomenon during their heyday in the 1990s era. They rose to the status of an icon as one of the greatest rock bands of their time. Three of the bad’s albums were released while Layne Staley was a part of the group. After his death, the band continued their work with William DuVall joining the group who continued to produce albums with an additional three full-length studio albums, along with three EPs. Here are all of the Alice in Chains albums ranked in order of their popularity with fans and critics.

9. “MTV Unplugged”


Diffuser ranks the “MTV Unplugged” album released in 1996 as the ninth-best project for Alice in Chains. This album came on the heels of their self-titled album that dropped in 1995. It was an album that came after the band had been off the road for about three years. The hiatus was broken with this album which also marked the last for the late Layne Staley.

8. “Jar of Flies”


“Jar of Flies” is the 8th best album released by the band. The song that kept it from taking last place on the list of favorites is “No Excuses” which became one of their biggest hits during the time the album was released. Another popular track with fans is “I Stay Away,” however, the rest of the songs on the release didn’t resonate with audiences with the same power as previous projects.

7. “Sap”


Dead End Follies ranks “ap” as the seventh-best project for Alice in Chains. One of the best features of the album is the guest appearance by Chris Cornell, who lent his vocals to the record. “Right Turn” was the song that saved this album from going to the bottom of the list, along with Cornell’s contributions. It wasn’t one of their best efforts overall, but there were a few redeemers to move it to the seventh spot on the favorites list.

6. “Rainier Fog”


Loud Wire ranks “Rainier Fog” as the sixth-best album ever released by the iconic band. Fans loved the fact that Jerry Cantrell took the lead on quite a few of the tracks in the album. This drop peaked on the Billboard 200 chart at number 12, which wasn’t bad. The best songs on the project include “Never Fade,” “Red Giant,” and “The One You Know.

5. “Black Gives Way to Blue”



“Black Gives Way to Blue dropped in 2009, featuring the vocals of William DuVall and Jerry Cantrell. It was the album that marked their return after the loss of Layne Staley. The project was viewed as a reunion of sorts and it sent the message that Alice in Chains was far from being done. Outstanding hit “A Looking in View” was nominated for a Grammy Award, and “Check My Brain, also nominated for a Grammy appeared on the album. Other hits included are “Acid Bubble,” “Your Decision,” and “All Secrets Known.” The album went to gold.

4. “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”



“The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” was released in 2013. It came after the release of “Black Gives Way to Blue,” and it became an even more popular hit with fans and critics alike. Some of the bigger hits on the drop include “Stone,” “Voices,” and “Hollow.” Each of the tracks received a lot of airplay upon their release. The best standout tracks on the album include “Low ceiling,” “Breath on a Window,” and “Phantom Limb.” This album climbed to the number two spot on Billboard’s 200 album chart.

3. “Alice in Chains”


The “Alice in Chains” self-titled album dropped in 1995. It remains one of the top three favorites with fans and critics. It came out when Layne Staley was struggling with drug addiction, and it proved to be one of the most difficult projects for the band. They managed to pull their acts together to produce one of their best albums of all time. The track “Grind” was released as a single. It received a nomination for a Grammy award, in addition to receiving a lot of airplay. “Alice in Chains reached the number one spot on the album charts for 1995.

2. “Facelift”


“Facelift dropped in 1990. It hit just before the grunge scene had fully emerged, with Alice in Chains blazing the trail for the rest to follow. “Man in the Box” became the hit song from the album, followed by “We Die, Young,” which was a favorite radio request at the time. Other hits from the projects include “Sunshine,” “It Ain’t Like That,” “Sea of Sorrow,” and “Bleed the Freak.” This release was one of the most influential albums released early in the group’s career. “Facelift went all the way, receiving certification as double platinum due to the high number of sales.

1. “Dirt”


“Dirt” followed the phenomenal project “Facelift,” with its drop occurring in 1992. Just as its predecessor had paved the way for the emerging grunge scene, “Dirt” sealed the deal. It marked an era of prosperity and insane popularity for the group. My favorite single from this album was the song “Would?” The track appeared in the “Singles” film. This song is one of several big hits from the album that also includes “Angry Chair,” “Rooster,” “Them Bones,” and “Down in a Hole.” The album was heavily loaded, with big hits for the band with no fillers. It was all stellar. The album received a Grammy nomination and reached the number 6 spot on Billboard 200s album charts.”Dirt” took Alice in Chains to new levels of superstardom.

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