Horizon Forbidden West Officially Will Release in 2021

One of the most anticipated games of this year is Horizon Forbidden West, for sure. PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan officially confirmed Horizon Forbidden West will land PS4 and PS5 in the second half of this year.

In last summer, the sequel was first unveiled during Sony’s first PlayStation 5 event by Developer Guerrilla Games. Right after a few months, Sony confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West will also be launching on PlayStation 4. And now, the CEO and President of PlayStation, Jim Ryan has announced new exciting news confirming Horizon will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles in the back half of 2021.

The sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn and acclaimed by a number of countless people already, Horizon Forbidden West will be continuing the events of the first game.  Aloy, a young huntress of the Nora tribe was sent on a quest to the arcane frontier known as the Forbidden West. And this time, she will be going west to seek answers to the questions left from the first game.

New Features of Horizon Forbidden West

Guerilla presented Supercell storms and a host of new killer machines, which Aloy will be struggling with along her journey, during Horizon Forbidden West‘s reveal trailer. But they seem to bring just new questions instead of solving the existing ones. So mystery still brings another.

Sony also announced a second PlayStation VR headset is in process. While Jim Ryan was having a series of interviews for news, he shortly mentioned the Horizon Forbidden West‘s release progress. PlayStation boss said the anticipated game will arrive sometime in the “latter half of 2021.”

On the other hand, Gran Turismo 7 seems like leaving room for Horizon Forbidden West as PlayStation’s only big fall game. The delay of Gran Turismohas been just announced. So the sequel game can arrive at any time in the back half of the year considering how packed the first half of the year is on PlayStation platforms.

Ultimately, here is the list of other coming PlayStation games that are developers’ favorites, and other information of games are also added. You might want to stall yourself with one of them while waiting.

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